Getting Sky Installed

(Herp Derp) #21

That’s a BT box, even says it on the front :joy_cat:

(Simmy) #22

I know mate. but my landlord is persistent in saying we have a communal systtem/dish when we definitely dont.
I just thought it could have something to do with it.

Going round in circles now. Getting it without my landlords consent is my last resort !

(Jack) #23

Get them to come around and show you where it is. Or get the management company to ring them.

(Simmy) #24

Yep we are organising for someone to come round and check. Im fairly clued up when it comes to satellite stuff, and i know for a fact there aint no communal system lol

(Herp Derp) #25

Ever thought to knock on a few of the other flats in your block?

(Simmy) #26

I could do however i doubt they’d know anything about the dishes, because on google maps from 2009 the dishes are there too. Meaning it was probably old tenants who dont live here any more who got them installed

(Herp Derp) #27

But someone might be connected to this communal dish?

(Simmy) #28

Ok i’ll get someone from the block management to visit then.
I can see all four dishes going directly into different flats, and communal dishes aren’t usually sky mini-dishes.

According to sky, if we had a communal dish we’d have the " satellite " LNB connections in the property, and we don’t

(Herp Derp) #29

If you had a communal dish you’d have something like this in a cupboard somewhere in main hall

or this on the outside with all the cables

(Simmy) #30

Yep i checked for one of those thanks dude
. None whatsoever.

(Herp Derp) #31

Also if you do not have something like this anywhere in your property then chances are yo do not have a communal dish


(Simmy) #32

Thanks everyone. I decided to get it installed next month. I’m happy to pay to have it taken down if I leave the property and to put it on the back/side where it’s not visible ( right next to the other dishes )

Do I need written consent or will they take my word for it ?

(Caspar) #33

Installers don’t check you’ve got permission, they’re acting on your instruction.

(Simmy) #34

Ok thanks mate

(Simmy) #35

Do they use contractors these days ? I remember back in 2006 they used Firstline when we had sky fitted

(Richard) #36

Depends on the building.

If it’s a house or a flat on the first floor they’ll use their own team. If it’s taller, they’ll use contractors

(Simmy) #37

Ok mate thanks.
I’m on the second floor ( is this ok ? ), there’s already 4 dishes on the premesis.
Can I choose which wall it goes on ? ( Ideally on the side of the premesis, right or left, where the others are )

(Richard) #38

It’ll need to be pointing in the same direction as the other satellites.

I know for example in Edinburgh/Fife we generally point them in a south east direction

(Simmy) #39

Would i need the special heights team or not ? I live on the second floor of an average sized block of apartments.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #40

Simmy, if you’ve got an installation team coming in to sort out your problem, can I suggest you go ahead, let them come in and work through the details with you?

This forum is obviously keen to see you on the right path, and I’m sure you now are.