Getting Married

Hey all,

I’m getting married later this year and my stag do is fast approaching. My two best men are planning and organising the stag do, but I haven’t been on that many before.

Are there any common etiquettes I should be aware of during the stag do? For example at the wedding, a common etiquette might be to hand out gifts to those who have contributed to the wedding.

Also, what advice do those of you who are married have for me with regards to the stag do?

Thanks in advance!

Whooo congrats!! :partying_face:

I don’t really have any advice since I’m not married so I mainly came to say the above.

In regards to the stag do though, you could have a chat with your mates to lay out some things that you really don’t want to happen. EG. Get tied naked to a lamp post. All mates should be cool with this and abide by your wishes, but do give them enough free rein on other parts so you can have nice surprises and ultimately a great night :slight_smile:

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This is a given! I have told them what I would like (poker night, pub crawl etc). I’ve asked for tame but that’s not gonna happen.

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haha you’re all good mates so I’m sure whatever happens will be a laugh. You’re all in it together so just enjoy it, go with the flow and create some memories :beers:

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If they give you a drink and you don’t know what’s in it…don’t drink it…

Otherwise you could find yourself waking up tied up naked on a tree or see photographs of you taking shots out of someone else’s shoe which you apparently paid 40 euros for…


Sounds like you speak from experience? :joy:

No comment



My advice re: stag do would be to ensure the people organising it don’t make it prohibitively expensive for everyone else to attend. Whilst the idea of a weekend in Vegas sounds great, it can put people in a difficult position…do they fork out money they can’t afford to go?

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Top advice. I’ve said I don’t want to go anywhere overseas and that I want everyone to be able to come. Most of the best places are right here in good ol’ Blighty :smile:

I think I was on that Stag Do.

Except it was a homeless guys shoe in Spain and my mates lip got an awful rash.


Ensure there are enough days between stag-do and wedding to recover :flushed:



Traditionally you just let them organise and do whatever you’re told, you get very little input into it. These days people are a bit more responsible, when I was growing up in my small town in north Scotland many weekends you’d drive past a guy covered in tar and feathers tied to a lamppost the day before (or of) his wedding. Just so long as you are responsible and manage to get to the venue on time, have fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think that was me. :flushed:



I’ve heard to not accept anything free from anyone.

Have fun!

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