Planning a wedding

Anybody assist helping with a solution if it can be done

I’m getting married next year and was hoping to set up a wedding pot/shared for everyone.

I’d like to set up a pot or shared tab so that I can create a pot where I can nominate a ‘debt’ say £1000/person. Someone can transfer for instance £200 and that goes in there name, but into the wedding pot. It tge shows there new debt £800.

The only solution I found is the tag payments when they arrived as #WPmum ie my mum’s. But it doesn’t tell me how much she owes

Edit: sorry forgot to add the reason they payment is the wedding is abroad and that’s the holiday they are paying

Totally irrelevant to your question but a friend told me if you’re buying anything or paying for a service don’t mention it’s for a wedding unless it’s relevant. Merchants often jack up prices if it’s for a wedding even though the end product is the same.


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