Are your friends' weddings costing you a fortune? Here's how to cut the costs

Getting married can be really expensive – but even attending a wedding can be costly!

Now ‘wedding season’ is starting to get underway, we spoke to three people about spending money on attending friends’ weddings.

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Who are these people :rofl: both the ridiculous abroad weddings and the people going into debt to attend.

If it’s too expensive the option is simple, RSVP no.


£4,000 to attend a wedding :exploding_head: !

Sorry, but no wedding that I’m not the groom, would I pay that :upside_down_face: .


I wouldn’t even pay that as the groom.


My Wife and I were married almost 20 years ago. The whole shebang cost us £2500. We’ve had friends that have spent £15k plus on a wedding and were divorced within six years. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve spent a fortune on wedding outfits as I’m attending 3 weddings this year. I did find a good website for hats and fascinators though which are reasonably priced and they stock good choice of colours Fascinators UK they have also got 15% off clutch bags for weddings when you buy any fascinator or hat

I just wear the same clothes to all weddings…

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I wear no clothes to weddings look how much pounds I save…:thinking::flushed::joy::sob:

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Exactly this!

I bought a best 3 piece suit about 5 years ago, for anything formal, and that is what I wear for weddings. It is used, at best, twice per year so I don’t need to worry it would get worn out. I only bought one 5 years ago because I wasn’t the same weight as the one I bought aged 18 :laughing: .

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If it was going to cost me that much, I wouldn’t go. 🤷

If it was going to cost that much I wouldn’t go even if I was the groom!

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and this is only english wedding. i’ve known south east asians spend 100k or more on there weddings with over 1000 guests!!!