Get paid now

Clicking on the transaction to request early payment, transaction either doesn’t open or it only opens briefly and then only when you close ‘all activity’ before it disappears, so you can’t request the usual early payment functionality.

Have deleted and reinstalled app several times.

Have just updated to iOS 16.4.
IPhone 14 Pro
App version 5.17.0 #892


I’m getting this on the TestFlight version 5.18.0 but not just for incoming payments but all future outgoing too. I can’t select them from my app activity feed as they open behind it and when I dismiss the tray, it closes the item too.

Fine here on latest Android overview.

Ok so happened again this month. It is while the ”Overview” setting is on in Monzo labs - if I turn that off, it goes back to normal and can request the early payment. So will be leaving that switched off for the foreseeable…