General broadband discussion

Im sure people are bitching over on the forums.

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They are, mostly about the GeoIP issues though. They shouldn’t have to, but they can use a VPN

My mobile broadband playing up as late.

I have a feeling my scancom EE sim has started kicking me off 5G after so much data. Seems to refuse to connect atm but when I drop it to 4G it hovers around 200meg.

Usually always around 30ms.

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Got my EE package upgraded from 300 to 500 for free because the useless chat support haven’t correctly cancelled the WiFi Plus add-on during my 14-day cooling-off period. Nice.

Lesson: never chat to EE.


Still on FTTC here (although both openreach and CityFibre FTTP are available). Average latency is 5.49 ms over the past 7 days.

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Bro getting FTTP level latency on FTTC, rock on

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