Gamifying pots & other features

Hello everyone!
I recently joined Monzo, and as a games programmer I find the potential around pots to be incredibly exciting. So, I suppose this thread can be dedicated to fun and crazy potential features which can help people save money, or, improve their life / lifestyle!

Here are a few of my own ideas:

  • Event pot: The ability to create events which Monzo will ask if you have completed or not at the end of the day. For example, having studied for 30 minutes during the day. If you have successfully completed your event you can gain some money from the pot, or, put money in if you failed to do so. Lying to the game, is lying to yourself, so feel guilty if you do! (stretch goal could be integration with google and icloud calendar APIs).

  • Reward pot: A locked pot which will only payout after going X number of days without buying fast food, cigarettes, or staying under your monthly / weekly / daily spending target. This would work best with fast food, since card payments to said locations are clearly identifiable.

  • The night out guardian: A feature that will freeze your card for any entertainment or food related purchases if you spend too much out drinking. Simply press the “I’m going out” button, set your allowance, and enjoy the night knowing you won’t get carried away.

  • The taboo pot: A pot which will accumulate money every time you try and make a payment to an account / service you’ve previously blacklisted. Hardcore mode can also decline payment to the account / service you have specified.

  • The randomised pot: A pot similar to the round up pot, which will insert a random amount between a specified range every purchase, or randomly every X number of purchases.

  • The standoff / debate / voting pot: A pot you share with friends that will only payout when all users vote which contributor should receive the pots accumulated amount. Alternatively, if the majority vote is to return the money to the senders, since a stalemate has been met, money will be returned to everyone.


Great ideas, the reward/taboo pot idea in particular to financially punish or reward when you’re good/bad would seriously tempt me to be more financially sensible!

For a moment I thought Lloyd’s Bank was messaging me when I saw your notification in my email inbox ahaha. Can’t tell you how pleased I was to see it was you, and not a bill!

Glad you like the ideas :slight_smile: . Maybe as an even greater financial incentive on the rewards / taboo, the punishment could be that the money is donated to your least favourite charity or football team.

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Appreciate that this is an old thread, but you can use IFTTT to do the Taboo pot idea.
You can set up which merchant and how much you want to moved into which pot when you spend there.

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