Full Monzo - Upcoming house deposit payment

You have days and usually weeks to pay

Oh sure I get you have days to pay but the issue with Monzo is there is the element of the risk. The risk that you can’t get through to customer service to raise my limits when I want to do it.

With my legacy bank there is 0 risk

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You can contact them the day before

No bank has zero risks. Chaps can be delayed if the transaction triggers money laundering checks or it is sent past that banks cut off time.

My legacy bank has payment limits as well on line, at £10,000 per day (NatWest) the same as Monzo

it will also cost £30 for CHAPS, have to go in to branch and produce your ID , and then check the form that they fill in and confirm the details are correct, the onus is on you that the details are filled in correctly … at least with Lloyds …

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I have seen many threads where people have been concerned about timing, but none where there has actually been a problem. Could you please link them here?


hmmmmm …:slight_smile:

and in fairness the next day it was sorted out with no problem but I can imagine people would get stressed with the process , its not good enough , this really needs to be improved to have the confidence of “full Monzo” accounts


That’s a problem in itself even if the reality is different. The reason people are concerned about timing is because Monzo’s customer support is often slow and often muddled, and people have first hand experience of this.

With this backdrop it’s natural people won’t want to entrust major financial transactions to Monzo.


I don’t disagree with this comment or @iansilversides’s reply. I was just genuinely interested to know if there were any instances of it not being resolved in time.

I agree that Monzo needs to reassure customers who are concerned about this, and just generally treat “grown up” banking as a priority rather than an edge case (house sales, visa applications, etc). However, confidence is also eroded by speculating on possible delays, rather than reporting actual delays.

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I was nervous about out upcoming deposit payment until I spoke over chat, all I can do is take them for their word. They’ve assured me I can request the limit increase the day before so will do that.

I’ll need to do this within the next 2 weeks, i’ll report back what happened :slight_smile:


the problem I encountered was it needs to be handed over to a "specialist " and with the delay I got from my initial message to a response the “specialist” had finished for the day and the cut off time to process the request in that day had elapsed so had to start again the next working day. I also wasn’t informed until after the fact that the limit had been raised ( I looked in my limits section before I was informed my limit had been raised in chat )

  • tip , get your request in early the day before you need your limits raised …:slight_smile:

I fully intend on doing it at about 7am the day before :rofl:


lol I took my selfie in bed with my passport , which was luckily to hand strangely enough :slight_smile:

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Regardless of how confident individuals feel about conducting this process being full Monzo, I do feel like it is a topic that needs to be officially covered off in the help section and something there needs to be an official process in place for… rather than speculative “just get in touch with support, they’ll help”.


You mean like this https://monzo.com/help/payments-getting-started/bank-transfer-how-to

I mean specifically on the topic of paying a house deposit. It’s a daunting and very complicated procedure for most people undertaking this, which is ordinarily handled by human interaction in a branch.

Therefore I do think it should have its own help topic, not just the link above, even if the substance refers you there.


Is it?

I did mine with online banking and checked it about 84 times before I pressed send.

With Lloyds perhaps. HSBC will do CHAPS payments over the phone and charge less than Lloyds.

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£12 - £17 ?