FT: How Monzo is banking on customer apathy


Pretty much sums up the path I think Monzo has been going down over the last few months (in a way I could never articulate myself!).

Queue the usual, “just because it isn’t right for you, doesn’t means it not right for someone else” arguments…


The FT gets more and more like the Daily Mail everyday.


Agree. Quality of FT is shocking under the new ownership

You can sign up for a £1 four week trial and cancel straight away (and keep the 4 weeks) btw. If you wanted to comment. But maybe that’s the reason for the click bait. They want to sucker us in

Monzo will continue to prove them wrong and have the last laugh

I was honestly more interested in the reactions (the comments) rather than the article. But I don’t really wanna register just to read them. 🤷

Can get a better trial than that

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FT Alphaville’s not really FT proper though.

I’ve just started an FT trial and am impressed with FT proper. Some very in depth and balanced articles. I immediately prefer it to The Times for finance and business news.

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A fair article in my view.

Note Alphaville is their financial blog. The tone is totally different to the rest of the paper. This is worth bearing in mind.

And, given it’s the only paper I subscribe, I may as well counter the comment that their journalism is poor. Their journalistic output — markets, business, comment, politics — is second to none. Their “Life and Arts” coverage is also excellent, FWIW.


People on the forum openly admit to being willing to pay a little bit extra for the convenience of having everything in one place, yet the reaction to this is to somebody pointing this out is met with defence


My point relates to the sub-heading.

“For those that like sub-par interest rates with their avocado on toast.”

An utterly pointless sentence designed to irritate. Daily Mail-esque.


That is indeed needlessly confrontational.

My question would be, if your issue is people sticking with bad deals due to apathy, why go for the new fintech Monzo over literally every single legacy player out there?

tl;dr, the point they want to make isn’t exclusive to Monzo, so it’s obnoxious to write an article that frames the issue like it is.

And fuck people who shit on millennials with crappy ‘avocado’ jokes. Fuck them. That shit is so played out, moronic, and just plain wrong.


FT Alphaville is one of my favourite FT sections. Headlines are just clickbait; take at face value.

Jemima makes some fair points of substance and is nowhere near as cynical as Alphaville can be:

when aggregators are proliferating.


I was just trying to work out how to articulate my thoughts on this and there they were. All written out.

Just refering to Avocado is trying to recall the comments some really stupid people made about not having houses because we are all buying AvoToast for breakfast or whatever. Morons.

Yes the banking sector as a whole is fairly crap. Somehow they have convinced us that it’s OK to hold our money and not pay interest; charge us for basic services and generally overcharge the life out of anyone who has a bad month.

Monzo are making positive changes to the general banking industry. In my opinion not big enough or fast enough but I am impatient about these kind of things. That said I appreicate
what they have done so far. I only hope that they keep on bringing in new people who are not from the banking world and continue to disrupt the status quo.



I thought is was quite funny, it’s a little joke at the ‘avocado’ generation, maybe it only irritates those who are easily irritated. :man_shrugging:


Seemingly the author’s entire job is to write about crypocurrencies and Monzo…

The decline of the FT from a serious paper to one that is economically illiterate over the past 5-10 years has been somewhat sad.

Monzo have been clear from the start that they intend to profit from partner offerings and offer the core product for free, so I’m not sure how them taking a fee is a real surprise.


This is the problem though, it’s an ageist stereotype that’s used to belittle younger, metropolitan people (oooh, you could afford a £500k flat in London if only you didn’t spend an irrelevant amount of avocado toast). I’d overlook that if it was at all amusing or new and wasn’t dated even when it was common back in 2015.

It’s the same sort of tripe toted out by the sort of idiots in their early 30s who joke about 18-year old snowflake millennials whilst not realising that people in their early 30s are millennials and the 18-year olds are Gen-Z.


That’s funny… Because I find it funny. So its obviously not ageist or belittling. That’s just a little ridiculous. Its a joke.


And we should look to the FT for high quality comedy should we?

Rubbish jokes are allowed to be called out as rubbish.

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You seemed to have missed half the conversation, no one was really commenting on the quality of it as a joke, they were commenting on it being ageist, belittling or being out to get people.