Did anyone sign in on FROST app waiting list? :grin::snowflake:

Printscreens from their Dec 2020 email

For me it’s like a bill paying account & Snoop together :bar_chart: + :bookmark_tabs:

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The UI looks a bit obtuse for my liking. Though it could just be a result of them trying to show off multiple features in single screenshots, and isn’t completely representative of how it will actually look.


Nice looking card anyway!


Other than energy, broadband and phone I cant see what other things it could help with.

Mortgages possibly but who really would be flipping that based on a random app.

Insurance (Life/Car/House) is also a tricky one being personal and detailed, rather than a general service like energy.

Netflix/Disney Plus/Amazon Prime those are fixed. TV licence is fixed.

And without physically moving…

I can’t pay for cheaper water
I can’t pay for cheaper council tax


I agree.

Don’t see the benefit of this app (to me personally, anyway)

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