From Simple to BBVA USA to PNC

So, I was on the BBVA site today dealing with shutting down my personal checking account (moving banks when you’ve got personal and shared checking and savings accounts is time-consuming when you’ve got all of your bills tied into the accounts).

Anyway, I was looking for the process to shut down the checking accounts (savings were all closed recently, and you only need to put the request into their securing messaging area for those) and came across a Q&A asking when BBVA will transition to PNC. Answer? October 2021.

So, it looks like any of our Simple compatriots who have decided to try and ride out BBVA and are trying to get comfy with BBVA’s tools are going to go through another banking transition sometime in October of this year. Anyone still on the fence, you now have a new deadline to make some decisions.

Fun all around!


In all of this, I wonder where the Simple IP will end up.

It could go to PNC, but BBVA might have carved it out and be keeping hold of it. The double transition kinda makes sense that way (but it’s still a complete pain regardless).