Freetrade: Free Share Trading

(Christiaan) #845

I’d love a bump too if anyone has one. DM me.

(Jack B) #846

How is everyone finding freetrade? I’ve just started using it and really enjoying it!

(Christiaan) #847

Freetrade ISA vs Plum ISA? What do people think? Opened a Plum ISA recently but a little disappointed with a few details so far and my investment hasn’t started yet, so still time to cancel to try Freetrade instead.

(Paul) #848

Can you expand on why you are dissatisfied with Plum ISA? I was looking at them and FT as well. Cheers

(James) #849

It’s a fantastic product. Hard to believe they have made investing as easy as downloading an app from the App Store!

(Christiaan) #850

See this Paul:

(Alex Sherwood) #851

Plum’s a very difference service than Freetrade’s & they do some cool things. But since you asked, here’s how your experience using Freetrade would be different:

  1. You can top up your Freetrade account on the same day.

    Deposits will only be processed during working hours (7am-4pm, Mon-Fri), and in batches. During this time, you should expect 2-4 hours for your money to arrive.

    quote from here

  2. We’ll do KYC checks as part of your onboarding. Once they’re complete, you can get started straight away :zap:

  3. You’re in control of your money - how much you invest, what you invest in (choose over 250 stocks & ETFs from the UK & US) & when.

  4. We have a native app on iOS & soon on Android too.

I hope that helps!

(Christiaan) #852

Awesome, thanks you

(Paul) #853

Thanks Christian. Very helpful

(Adam) #854

Now active! Thanks @charliekelly

Currently sat at 47,876 in the queue for Freetrade :ghost:. Would any current user be so kind to offer an instant link at all? I appreciate it guys​:sunglasses:

(Charlie Kelly) #855

I got you. Check your DMs :slight_smile:

(Simon) #856

I think (not sure it will work) but i have another pass as i have a 2nd email.
DM me if you need a code again it might not work but nothing to lose.


I have a Freetrade pass also for the first one to dm me :call_me_hand:

(Stefano) #858

I also have a link for instant access if anyone needs it :slight_smile:

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I also have a Freepass, first to PM me gets it.

(Daniel O Williams) #860

Still no app


I’ve got an instant access pass, pm me if you want it :slight_smile:

edit: GONE


Just to let you know Simon, it’s already been used

(Emma (still not the app)) #864

Got one as well. DM if you want it

Edit: gone

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Thank you @Rat_au_van !