Freetrade: Free Share Trading


I have one too, DM me if you’re interested.


My freepass available here :+1:t3:

(Shakey William) #868

To “Fee” or Not to "Fee"

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(Alex Sherwood) #869

Yes we changed our plans & in the short term we’re not making money from the fx conversion :slight_smile:

We’ll be transparent & let you know if / when that changes of course!

We explained how this works at the moment in the ‘What about US stocks’ section of this blog post -

(Shakey William) #870

Fairly utilizing your 5min editing window there Alex :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Shakey William) #871

:+1::+1::+1: So your saying that investors were misled at R3?

Out of curiosity how does that change your financial situation with regards to projected revenue?

I presume your able to counter this decrease in revenue (from FX exchanges) with additional income/revenue from products such as your ISA’s and Alpha accounts?

I also know this is commercially sensitive, so I will not expect an answer; which means my questions are rhetorical I guess :unamused: :+1:

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Please don’t take my quotes out of context Chris, I said that -

(Shakey William) #873

:thinking: you have confused me - but ok.


Paying it forward:

Please let me know when it has been used and I will remove.


@AdamSee it’s been used

(Dan) #877

Here’s another Freepass to jump the queue:

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #878

Timely! And taken, thanks Dan. Been toying with dipping into this for a couple of weeks then this popped up!

(Simon) #879

I can get someone a free pass with an email address if anyone needs. I got sent a 2nd pass but the code is same as first. I emailed them they said just send them an email, didn’t like to say “but I wanted to share it on a forum” :slight_smile:

(Emma (still not the app)) #880

I’m sure there’s no way they’ll ever find out :smirk:

(Kevyn) #881

Ever since @Rat_au_van gave me my pass into Freetrade, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of buying shares. Finally rebought my Manchester United shares the Glazers stole in my youth :sweat_smile: .

More seriously, has made me interested in researching things like high dividend shares, trackers etc. that I had noticed in Nutmeg’s analysis’ when I was with them.

I was sent a code today to allow a queue jump, I thought I should return the favour given to me!


Let me know when it has been taken.


Thanks Chapuys! Taken :heart:

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I have been sent two codes (not sure if that was an error but the codes are different) if anyone would like them let me know :grinning:


Yes please Paul if that’s possible?


I’ll take a code too, if anyone has one spare!? :smiley:


Here you go.