Freetrade: Free Share Trading

(Mike) #824

Surely the point is that you haven’t included the FX rate (you say you hadn’t read the pricing) and you misunderstood that you had allowed FT to purchase up to 650 USD rather than a fixed spot price.

I’m all for holding companies to account but we also have to take responsibility for our own actions.

For me FT does what it says ie I’ve purchased (UK) shares using their free service. I can hardly complain that FT have charged me stamp duty on those transactions - that is out of their control just like the FX rate and purchase price on your transaction.

(Tom ) #825

Accusatory posts never go down well… It’s best to gather all the information first, then present a facts based argument. You could have done that by engaging with Freetrade customer services.


In general it’s a good forum. However I can see a downward trend developing with some responses to suggestions and constructive criticism that are pretty rude to be honest.

(Rob) #827

Just to clarifying for anyone reading, all brokers in the UK have to give you the best price available, this is a legal requirement. And Freetrade doesn’t charge a spread.

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Loads more added to Freetrade today

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The Android release has never seemed closer :eyes:


It was technically released in May last year :slight_smile:

(Vladislav Kozub) #831

Let me paraphrase then, “A fully-working Freetrade app on the Android OS where users could invest in various securities has never seemed closer” :sweat_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better myself!


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Hello friends. I have a “Freepass” - just the one. This Golden Ticket will whizz you to the top of the waitlist. Apple users only. I LOVE Freetrade, come join me. Send a DM if you’d like it…


Any chance you haven’t shared it already and could share it with me? :grin:

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47,155 :sweat_smile:

As an IOS user - most grateful for a bump up if anyone has the power…

Freetrade link: Unique link :pray:



I have a instant access url. First one to claim in the thread I will Dm it to you

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First one to DM gets my Freepass, instant iOS access.

Its gone


I have an instant access link. Only one so first come first served. DM me if you want it :grinning:

EDIT: it’s gone.


Still available here


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Appreciate it!

Thanks :pray:

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Hi I also have a link. Free to 1st person :slight_smile:
Now gone

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Still available?