Freetrade - Fintech Q&A! 🤝

(Adam ) #61

Great question as we see our core market being exactly those people who’ve never invested before. There is a broader thinking about how we reach and get these people interested, but our CMO Viktor tells me your question might be specifically about activation (i.e. they get their accounts, and then what)? We understand some newbie investors have this experience that they set up their account and don’t know what to do next - which ETFs or stocks to buy? We are doing a lot of product and design work to make the discovery experience better, into something that hasn’t been done before.

I’m a big fan of Monzo’s IFTTT integration so we’d love to set this up, once our API’s ready.

Both are great ideas you should see on the roadmap in Jan.

(Adam ) #62

Not really.

(Adam ) #63

Early 2019, stay tuned for the roadmap release in Jan.

(Adam ) #64

A no deal Brexit would slow down our ambitions of offering Freetrade across Europe.

(Andrew Clark) #65

Regarding IFTTT, if you supply the pizza, a hackathon would be awesome. “if I don’t buy Starbucks invest £2.70 in Starbucks”, “if I’m naughty and buy Nando’s again then invest £10 in my unethical fund”.

(Adam ) #66

Get started as soon as you have extra cash to invest and keep doing it regularly. Buy, hold, buy, hold for the long term is my strategy.

If the past century is any indication, you will be much better off in the future if you develop good investing habits now. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

(Adam ) #67

OK folks, it’s been great and thanks for the questions! That’s all the time I have right now but if you have any more questions just hit me up on the Freetrade community forum! :wave:

(Simon B) #68

Thanks for joining us @doddsie! And many thanks to @alexs for helping us set this up!


Thank you very much @doddsie for the answers to our questions! Looking forward to Q1 2019 for Freetrade - android app, etc.

Hoping to get my hands on the next crowdfunding campaign too :eyes:

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I’ve just gifted my spot at the front of the queue to some lucky so and so.

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Happy birthday! You’re supposed to get gifts today though :gift: :birthday:


Does any iOS person want an account? I’m at the front but on Android. First PM with email wins, and I’ll update this post once gone.


Common theme - Android please.