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Opening this topic as it looks like Robinhood is trying to come to the UK again after 2 unsuccessful attempts! Who will be signing up? Robinhood UK - Commission-free US Stock Trading & Investing App


Joined the waitlist. Again. Hope it actually happens this time. Freetrade needs the competition.


I’m forever hopeful they come to the UK! Not just because I miss the transparent N26 card but they seem very decent!


Didn’t they purposely screw over their customers during the game stop debacle


Doubt it as they would be shut down as a financial institution I would have thought but no idea

They froze trades during the period

Did they freeze them or did the people above them freeze them?

Robinhood froze the trades, I think they ran out of money or something to cover the volume of trades

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Ah I see. I think that happened to a few brokers no?

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Maybe they’ll launch a UK product during the next bull run in 2031-5 :rocket:

There’s a good film about it called Dumb money, I recommend a watch

essentially, yes they did freeze trades because they were losing millions, pretty scummy move really

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I shall take a look! Thanks

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Anyone been invited yet?

I haven’t so far and I signed up ages ago.

Just got invited, so looks like they are doing them.


Sign up process was very very clean and straightforward!


I joined the waitlist on the same day you started the thread, but no invite for me yet. I should have spammed my referral link with signups from Apple hide my email. :grimacing:

Interesting to see that T212 have made a big thing of launching 24/5 trading in March, which is no doubt in response to Robinhood having that feature straight out of the gate…

EDIT: Actually I just checked again and T212s offering is unique in that it’s 24/5 trading on fractional shares. Robinhood’s 24/5 is for whole shares only.

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So it seems there is an issue with their app at the moment… TL;DR Their UK app is showing offers/sign-up links for the US version, do not click them!

I spotted it had become publicly available in the UK (iOS) App Store and downloaded it. Tried to setup an account and was bounced a waitlist screen (as I expected would happen).

But then opened the app again a few minutes later and was presented with a full screen offer showing “Sign-up and get shares worth $5-$100” type of thing. So I clicked it and got straight in, setup a username password etc. But then when it got to the address section it was only listing US states…

And now my email shows as ‘already used’ when I try directly through the homepage Sign-up button (for the UK one).



Thanks for the heads up!

When you get invited you will be given a TestFlight/googleplay then you sign up. If not invited then it will say please join the waitlist.

Assuming they are probs getting ready for main launch!!

These are the links if they still work, if they do then enjoy (although you probs won’t be able to use it but when it comes out you have beta!)

iOS Join the Robinhood: Investing for All beta - TestFlight - Apple