Freetrade - Fintech Q&A! 🤝

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The poll showed us that a bigger portion of our target audience were on iOS. It doesn’t hurt that iOS users typically have a little bit more money to invest too. :money_mouth_face:

We’re just getting started with our current selection of stocks. US stocks are launching at the start of the next year and we won’t be stopping there.

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Already at 0 baby!

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We’re not quite at 10k yet, plan to get there in the next couple weeks.

Right now it’s one or the other, but you’ll be able to have multiple account types soon. In the future, this will include other types of ISAs and SIPPs.

I think if we see fee compression across the industry it would be a good thing, and we’re happy to be leading the charge.

We’re waiting to see what happens with Brexit / reg passport before revealing our plans.

Nothing to share on this right now, but we are keen to make it easier for customers of Monzo to integrate with Freetrade.

That would be cool, too!


Could you give us a hint of a date :stuck_out_tongue:

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We believe that we share similar values with Monzo & they have a great brand so it would be good to work together. We just have to figure out how that would work.

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For sure we’ll open our API for things like that, but no firm timelines to share yet.


What do you think is the biggest threat to your business in 2019?

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£12 commissions! :wink:

I think basic fees to invest will largely disappear, which we are already seeing in the States in all areas, eg zero commissions to trade, free robo advice, zero fee ETFs, etc. Investment companies will have to build better products to justify charges and the consumer will be the beneficiary.

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Yes, yes and yes. We’ll one up them and you’ll be able to see your Freetrade shares as part of your total investment portfolio. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How would you value them within the platform? Or would they just be fixed? Would you wait till after you realsed on android

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We’ve hired some amazing people who work alongside me, so counterintuitively I’d say it might be easier to manage now. It’s just different, and will change again and again as we scale up - that’s perhaps the most challenging part, reinventing the way we run the company continuously.

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Easy one, Tom. :hot_coral_heart: Monzo

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Yes! It will be released in Jan.

Depends on Brexit on timelines, but definitely there will be future opportunities to invest.

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See above :eu:

We don’t have immediate plans to add advisors to the platform, we’re too focused on rolling out our core proposition to the rest of Europe.

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What advice would you give to the typical Monzo user about investing and why should they use Freetrade?

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There’s no bad time to start investing, we don’t try and time the market with our product launches either. :smile:


Yes to more crowdfunding, and we’ll definitely give our community the opportunity before the general public.

Yes, I did. I invested in their last couple rounds and will continue to follow on. :rocket:

Our community’s an integral part of Freetrade. We’re constantly reading the feedback from users in our community & we have a process to review & add ideas that’re suggested each week by our users to our roadmap.

We just had a really successful launch party for over 300 of our investors. You can check out the slides from our talk here.

Next year we’ll be doing more of those & continuing to develop the forum by connecting it to our public roadmap, for example.

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From what is available on Freetrade right now… My biggest holding right now is iShares Physical Gold ETF.

I think its great that even if you aren’t super bullish on the equities market, there are still ways to diversify your portfolio and earn a return on your money.

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Right now we’re adding over 1,000 new users a week. But the app’s in high demand too so there’s more people being added to the waitlist every day.

Crowdcube’s doing a pretty good job of providing that service, we’ll leave that to them for now.

We’ll share our goals for 2019 in Jan.

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We’re unveiling a very early version of this in our next newsletter, you’ll be able to gift your friends a spot at the top of the waitlist for Christmas.