FreeAgent integration has wrong dates

Hi business banking team

I must say I’m a little disappointed with the FreeAgent Integration. The dates that sync into FreeAgent are aren’t the dates that the transaction took place on, instead it’s a few days later. This makes it hard to reconcile transactions and upload receipts.

Monzo FreeAgent - Dated 6th August


Receipt - Dated 5th August

To be fair, this might possibly be unavoidable something as Barclays bank feed is similar. However the difference is that Barclays also includes the transaction date in the description so I can still reconcile easier.

FreeAgent Barclays - Includes Transaction date in description



  • If we can get instant notifications on our phone, then how come the date difference in date in FreeAgent? @Rat_au_van: It’s probably the date the transaction was settled
  • If the date difference is unavoidable, can we include the transaction date in the description like Barclays do?
  • Can we have a proper bank feed not just a statement upload?
  • Is it possible to transfer images of receipts from Monzo to FreeAgent? If so that would be cool and help with reconciling. - looks like @bzc already suggested this and shows it’s possible
    here: FreeAgent attachment integration with Monzo receipts

The hope was that by separating my accommodation and meal transactions into my Monzo business account it would make reconciling my accounts easier but actually it’s just made things a lot harder and i’m paying £5 a month for the privilege :frowning:

I understand this is a work in progress so i don’t want to be too negative. I hope that this feedback is constructive and that it with time things will improve. At least there is some FreeAgent integration, that a good start.

Keep up the good work!

It looks like the date is when the payment is settled rather than made

Does Barclays include the date payment was made on all transactions or just some?

Barclays includes the date payment was made in the description of all payments.

Card transactions have their description appended with
"ON {date}///{amount}"

Foreign currency card transactions have their description appended with
"ON {date} VISA {conversion rate} FINAL GBP AMOUNT INCLUDES NON-STERLING TRANS FEE {coversion fee amount}///{amount}"

Direct debits have their description appended with
"DDR///{amount}" Note: without a date.

Standing orders have their description appended with
"FT///{amount}" Note: without a date.

I never noticed the lack of date on Direct debits and Standing orders before, because those aren’t something I find difficult to reconcile.

In reply to my own question, it looks like it might be possible to also send receipts to FreeAgent using their API. Not sure if its a simple process to include that with the statement upload or bank feed though.

Here is a link to @bzc’s topic discussing it.

Thanks for the feedback! The date differences are because we’re sending the transaction data as of the date it settles (not initial authorisation). The reason we do that is to make sure we’re only sending final transaction data (if we sent it at the initial auth point, there’s a small chance it could change before it settles - which would be hard to demonstrate in accounting tools).

Really good feedback on at least including the transaction date in the description. I’ll share with our eng team to explore how we can make this simpler and easier to reconcile for you.

We’re also going to explore the receipt/attachment sharing, and will give an update on it as soon as we’ve done some scoping!


Thanks @jrdn and @Rat_au_van and the other team members who replied to me via chat. I definitely feel like a valued customer :+1: you don’t get that with Barclays hehe.

Is it worth me splitting closing this thread and maybe opening a fresh one specifically about adding the transaction date to the description so it can be voted on?

Keep up the good work!

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