Forum Category for 3rd Party Integrations?

(Ben Green) #1

I can see that a lot of the community is made up of designers, developers and techy enthusiasts. I also notice some feature ideas not really being suitable as an integral part of Monzo.

Because of this, I think a category separate from “Feature Ideas”, perhaps called “3rd Party Integrations”, would be beneficial. We’d then effectively be creating a nice list of apps and integrations that could prove quite popular for other developers to see and get building.

As I understand it the public API isn’t currently in a releasable state, but there’s certainly no harm in beginning to build said list now and even begin the visual design phase of them.

I’m pinging @Naji in this but I’d also like know what the wider community thinks of the idea too :smile:

( #2

I think it’s a great idea. I’d love to see a proper too. There’s a good github page by @rdingwall though.