In-App Balances Displaying Incorrectly

(Jai Sullivan) #84

:clap:t3: Great news

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(Kolok) #85

My savings pot is back now.

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(Jai Sullivan) #86

Same! :tada:

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(Jon Moss) #87

Blimey. I just got a shock when opening the app and seeing the zero balance in my Savings Pot…

Very useful to see the discussions here though.

Personally, I do see this as a serious glitch… look forward to understanding how it happened and what will be put in place to avoid it happening again.

Update: now back to normal. I’m sure I’m missing a couple of million though :wink:


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #88

That was fast :boom::tada::pray:

The balance has returned to its original value :blush: nice one monzo :sunglasses:

Will there be a post explaining what went wrong to cause these two issues? :grin:


(Dan Mullen) #89

The status page has been updated to say a fix was found and applied but I’d be very interested to hear what the root cause was.

And yes, I know Monzo is under no obligation to provide an explanation but, in the interests of transparency and maintaining customer trust, I think an explanation would be widely appreciated.



It’s more the US balances I’m interested in.

That seems like a bug that would only happen if things were being worked on in dollars (for US accounts perhaps?)

The zero balance thing is conceivable as a UI issue.

But yeah, always love a good explanation!


(Jolin) #91

We know they are working on things like US accounts, but I think it’s unlikely this was related. Main reason: the balance showed as US$0.00. This is not how it would be displayed for a US account, it would be $0.00 (in the same way as our balance is normally shown as £0.00, not GB£0.00).

The use of US$ is more consistent with how foreign currencies are shown in UK accounts. Maybe what this hints at is that they are finally implementing the suggestions around showing the balance in a foreign currency when travelling. :laughing:



That would be interesting.

But would it ever be bang up to date?

I guess the balance could be up to date, but the transactions would still need to settle 2/3 days later?

If you haven’t guessed… I’m very much in the dark on anything like this!


Foreign Exchange Rate and Balance When In Other Countries
(Richard Cook) #93

Just to follow things up, we’ve now fixed the issue and updated our status page.

Thanks for bearing with us while we got this sorted :hot_coral_heart:


(Dan Mullen) #94

I mentioned above that the status page has been updated but it would be really good if there was some sort of explanation as to what happened to cause the problem.


(Kolok) #95

Or holding foreign currencies inside the app so Euros and Dollar accounts coming soon?:eyes:

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(Simon) #96

I would also love an in depth explanation of what happened here although I would say give the engineers some time to breathe, have their meetings, and do a thorough post mortem.
From past experience they will write a good technical explanation but I wouldn’t expect this on the same day, this stuff takes a bit of time

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(Michael) #97

Will we ever get an explanation for what happened here?

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(Lancelot Payne) #98

It’s happened to me now as well and it’s really not good enough I also got a refund for an item I returned and that seems to of not helped the cause. I’ve been using my card but my spent today is still at £0 I know I’ve spent money and even made a withdrawal too I hope we get an explanation for this.


(Michael) #99

That’s a different issue to the one outlined in this thread.


(Lancelot Payne) #100

Oh snap didn’t even realise that until I re read it either way just hope these all get sorted out ASAP.


(Sacha Zarb) #101

Suspect the incident write up will be done over the weekend or Monday, these usually take a bit of time and proper consideration.


(Hugh Wells) #102

I don’t know exactly whether a blog post will be published on this - it was a very small number of people impacted :+1:

Once the internal report and stuff is done I’ll try to find someone to post an update here for you, or see what I can summarise :slight_smile:


(Michael) #103

Thanks for that. I was wondering if you have any other update?

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