Holiday Mode - Balance in ¥,$ or €

Part of what makes your card great is your 0% fees and Mastercard rate when using card abroad. This is the reason I have your card - as like a cash card for my use abroad.

I’ve been using my card while on holiday and the ability to understand how much I have spent in pounds seconds after paying in euros has been frankly awesome.

Can you guys take this to the next level though?

My idea:

When you detect a user is abroad, you show their balance in both £’s and the foreign currency at that given moment.

Appreciate the exchange rate changes so would have to be made clear is a rough amount:

So before I make a cash withdrawal or a pay for a bill, I know roughly how much money I’d have left.


This has been suggested on a few occasions but nothing happened. It does not look likely to be adopted in the immediate future.