Flux at KFC 🐔


Need to test this one out!

Obvious question, who looks at receipts now? I personally never check my receipts unless it’s a big item spend or something that I may return for later…

Shouldn’t some spending tracking apps do this job of “knowing what I am spending at”, already?


Amazing to see the itemised KFC receipt, but I’m wondering why it doesn’t use Monzo’s sub-items functionality? The Receipts API supports subitems https://docs.monzo.com/#receipt-items - it can look great if used properly:

(Jack) #24

It’s already updated on iOS

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #25

Nah :rofl: Beans are infinitely better than Gravy at KFC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Gravy is reserved for Sunday dinner & carvery lunches :joy:

I have no idea why that’s on the receipt :laughing: I didn’t order it, nor did I get it :yum:

BBQ sauce all the way :sunglasses:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #26

Couldn’t agree more, it’s amazing :boom: This was my first in-app receipt, I’m really looking forward to seeing more vendors adopt this :hot_coral_heart:

As for the sub-items, I’m not sure :eyes: I hope that this is just a v1.0 of the Flux integration (on both KFC & Monzo’s side) - It would be fantastic to see sub items as opposed to the ‘massive’ list that we see here :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also some discrepancies with what I ordered / received and what shows on the receipt (see my previous post) and things like Pepsi being £0.00 whereas IRL I believe it added 5p to the total for the whole ‘sugar tax’ nonsense :sleepy:

But it’s hella awesome to see my receipt nonetheless :tada:

(Michael) #27

Would have been interesting to see a comparable paper receipt as well! :slight_smile:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #28

Coming right up :raised_hands:

Digital vs Physical side-by-side :slight_smile:

As you can see, there’s definitely more info in Flux than on the paper copy :blush: And the names are sensible & full :tada:

(Michael) #29

Yea, so the paper one doesn’t show the +5p for the Pepsi either, so I don’t think it should show in Flux. It’d be nice for the parts of the box meal to show as subitems as pointed out above.

(Martin Jones) #30

Gravy :muscle:

The ‘diet’ is diet coke not sure why its full name isnt on

(Micky) #31

I can finally start getting rid of all my old KFC receipts now…

(4 Round Investor) #32

Hot wings tonight


Does anyone know if the Flux API within Monzos app includes the loyality card function?

(Martin Jones) #34


(Nathan) #35

The integration with kfc and adding in the colonels club in v2 makes me incredibly excited about a potential nandos link up so i can finally get rid of that stupid swipe loyalty card!

(Michael) #36

I’d be intrigued to take a look at the standard KFC receipt on this as well. This looks like their own internal terminology instead of being “prettified” for flux.

So if it’s on the paper receipt as that, it’d make sense for it to still be like that in Flux.

(Sacha Zarb) #37

Would expect nothing less from someone in Oldham :rofl:

(Martin Jones) #38

Having anything other than Gravy at KFC is sacrilege whichever corner of the world you live

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #39

I’ll have to catch one of Elon’s rockets to Mars in order to enjoy my KFC beans then :joy::rocket:

(Dan) #40

mine has back dated as far as 14th Feb :+1:

(Kieran) #41

Mine didn’t from the 20th of Feb :frowning: