Nationwide to full Monzo - Any disadvantages?

Howdy fellow Monzonauts,

I want to have my salary paid into monzo rather than my current nationwide flexplus account - just thought I’d put it out there to see if there are any obvious reasons not to?

Worth noting I intend to keep the flexplus account (I’ve had it for 20+ years which reflects well on my credit score and I’m applying for a mortgage in next few months so don’t want to rock the boat. Plus it gives me the phone/travel insurance.)

I know some accounts require a certain amount is deposited each month e.g £1000 but can’t seem to see if this applies to Flexplus annoyingly.

If so a workaround may be. 1. Salary into Monzo -> 2. repeat payment of £1000 into Nationwide -> 3. repeat payment £1000 back into Monzo. Seems a bit convoluted admittedly!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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I was in your same situation, I moved my salary 12 months ago to Monzo and I haven’t lost any perks on my FlexFlux. The only thing you need to do is to pay the £13 a month. :slight_smile:


Thanks John!

From memory, I think that there was a minimum monthly deposit required to get the interest on a Flexplus account. But the interest is disappearing soon, anyway. And it wasn’t £1,000, it was more like £250.

As I said, it’s from memory, so happy to be corrected.

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Thanks. Yes shame about the interest disappearing. My credit card direct debits will continue to come out of Nationwide so I’ll deposit about £400 a month in there anyway.

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I’m biased :wink:

But still no :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My general feeling is that there’s no reason not to, if you think it’ll benefit you. For me, having as much visibility as possible in Monzo benefits me greatly. If it turns out that you do it and don’t find the benefit, it’d be easy to try other services, banks, or apps to fit your needs.

What I will say is that right now we are laser focused on tools that make much more sense if you are Full Monzo. Things like Bills Pot, Get Paid Early, and the new secret feature are all things that benefit people that are Full Monzo more so than people who aren’t :grinning:

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Thanks Simon. Massive fan of Monzo and the work you guys do - keep up the good work :+1::moneybag:.

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Nationwide have responded to my question with:

“I can confirm that as long as you’re paying your £13 monthly account fee, you will have access to all of the current benefits and insurances which are offered.”

I.e no minimum payment needed per month beyokd the £13.