Flex not showing on ClearScore

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone has Monzo Flex showing on their ClearScore account?

I assume it should be showing up next to other credit cards in ClearScore? For some reason, it’s not showing it for me.

Flex shows up fine on Credit Karma.

I’ve contacted Monzo who say to contact ClearScore who say to contact Experian who say to contact Monzo…. but no one was very helpful :sweat_smile:

Is it normal for it to not show in ClearScore or do I need to keep pestering someone?


AFAIK Flex doesn’t report to Equifax so it wont show.

FYI ClearScore is Equifax so if Monzo support said Experian… there are some issues.

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Monzo report to the 3 big boys.

Current account? Sure. Flex? Don’t think I’ve ever seen it on Equifax.

I probably got it the wrong way around in my post :joy:

Cool, so it’s not just me haha.

I was just wondering since I see my current account in ClearScore so assumed Flex would show there also.

Somewhere they did mention that they do report flex everywhere.


Equifax has no good way to report the BNPL budget account. Hence they don’t actually have it on their reports (neither for individuals to see, nor for whoever does the credit check). And it is on Equifax to fix/integrate.

So if you want, you can pester Equifax direct with like “I know Monzo is reporting data to you, why are you not showing it?” If you really in pestering mood. But you will be pestering for everybody.

Thanks all! I’ll just wait it out… wanted to make sure it wasn’t just broken for me. :sweat_smile:

My ClearScore credit score went down since HSBC closed my savings (& annoyingly my current account without asking) earlier this year. But ultimately, it doesn’t really matter that much :joy:

My Equifax account doesn’t show Monzo Flex. It also doesn’t show HSBC hard searches (probably because HSBC don’t bother searching Equifax records).

Although I’ve opened Monzo Flex and an HSBC current account this year, Equifax thinks that the last account I opened was back in 2022, hence my 1000/1000 credit rating :laughing:

Flex is shown on all the big ones for me. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.