Flagging etc

I wouldn’t be surprised if my post gets flagged either. I understand Monzo have to moderate and need to make sure that no one on their forums is ‘attacking’ another company and I totally agree with them doing that. If I do get flagged though, it will just show how moderation is becoming over sensitive

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When likes aren’t likes, sort of thing? :hushed:

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I remember the ATM fees threads going on and on and on and on and on and on seemingly forever, with the same arguments coming around again and again. The threads did eventually get merged and locked, but not before every opinion had been aired several times. In my opinion, locking them was a good move as they had ceased to be productive discussion long before. A quick search shows three main threads with 1,455 posts, 329 posts, and 72 posts. I hardly think this was a case of stifling discussion (one could argue it was allowed to go on too long).

Not at all, they’re purely a measure of popularity. That’s vastly different from being an indication of merit.

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You can split hairs if you like, but meritous posts are usually popular.

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Or agreement or endorsement or actually liking what someone said. Popularity does not equal to a like.

Mike, I don’t like posts of yours because I think you’re popular, I like them because I think you’ve made a good point and/or I agree with you. Perhaps I am unusual in this?


Fair enough.

My perception (possibly incorrectly) is that the slightest negativity towards Monzo is shut down whereas this banter against Starling has been allowed until now.



There is thread on this here;


I think that depends entirely on the make-up and motivations of the audience. In person, I think that correlation would hold up much more strongly but with the anonymity of the Internet, I don’t think it stands up to scritiny quite as well.

OK - read the other posts now. What I mean is, merit (in absolute terms) is not the same as the majority opinion.

Don’t have access to that thread.

Well for future reference, if you see a like from me on a post it means I think that post makes a good point and has merit or I agree with the sentiment.

I never suggested this to be the case. I did suggest, however, that posts that were five weeks or more old suddenly became toxic. Prior to that, they appeared to have been appreciated by some.

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@Apostle I agree with what you are saying

Yes, that’s true. No one is ever allowed to criticise Monzo on these forums, who are Perfect and Can Do No Wrong. :roll_eyes:


There’s plenty of criticism about aspects of Monzo, or decisions they’ve taken, on this forum. What there isn’t is derogatory references to them, and I agree that the mild ridicule of Starling was allowed to go on too long. There’s a difference between useful criticism and name-calling. Some people resort to too much name-calling with regards to Starling, but I think criticism about all companies (including Monzo) is allowed and one of the strengths of this forum.


At Monzo, we don’t engage in “bad sportsmanship”.

We congratulate companies that do well, and if something goes wrong for them, we look to see if we can learn from it to ensure similar things don’t happen to us.

We don’t engage in sniping at our competitors - even if they’ve sniped at us. We aren’t perfect either, and there are things that other companies, if they wanted to, could pick up on and make demeaning comments about. That’s the nature of businesses operating in the same space but with different approaches.

We don’t want to have to heavily moderate the forum and for the most part have only needed to send gentle PM’s when things may cross a line. However, at this point we’d rather not see the use of a certain acronym continuing. It’s just not reflective of us as a company, and by its nature, our community is an extension of the company in many ways.

Feel free to message me at any time with any thoughts and concerns. I’m out here in California for the next month, so timezones etc, but I will always reply.


@Feathers Why don’t I have access to this thread?

Just to clarify my earlier post, this is just about how we’d like to see things moving forward.

Flagging all previous posts wasn’t necessary and I completely understand why @anon72173902 is feeling annoyed about this.

Let’s just all try and keep things civil :slightly_smiling_face: