Fix Open Banking Access Dashboard


I use the Open Banking Access Dashboard in the app to manage consents with third party apps (in security, manage apps). Monzo are supposed to show quite a lot of detail here but every connection just says “Account Information ongoing session” so it’s impossible to tell which app is which, how long is left on the access/consent, what data is shared.

The standards for what Monzo should show are here:

Pretty sure not meeting those is a regulatory breach so would be good to sort out!

I think you’re the only person who uses this, I’ve not seen this mentioned before

I assume this is the same thing I reported a while ago.

I’ve since switched to iOS where it at least gives you the company name (I assume android hasn’t been updated).

I ended up closing all the connections and starting again to tidy it up :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah I’m on Android, didn’t realise it would be different, it’s really annoying because I use Open Banking quite heavily for a mix of purposes

You still don’t get much info on iOS but enough to remove links you don’t use anymore