Fitbit Versa

(Simon B) #1

So Fitbit just announced their new watch - Fitbit Versa. Better price than the Ionic - just $199 in the US. No GPS capability unlike the Ionic though but not sure that’s a deal-breaker for many people.

Interestingly it seems that at least in the US, there’s one version with NFC and one without - the NFC one is $229.

Anyone interested?

(Harry) #2

I pre-ordered the grey woven one for £219.99 as soon as it was announced.

Why? I currently have an Apple Watch series two which I got at the beginning of 2017, it replaced my Fitbit Charge 2 at the time and at first I loved having the screen and the notifications on my wrist.

However, I rarely use the AW for anything other than fitness, the notifications actually get annoying after a while and I started to begin missing the things Fitbit had to offer (an easy app interface, Fitbit challenges, battery life etc.) but I didn’t want to go back to a Charge or buy an Ionic at £299.99 (and because it is ugly…) so when the Versa was announced I jumped straight on it.

I’m glad Fitbit have finally decided to release a wearable that LOOKS good on your wrist (even if it does look like a AW from a far…)


This looks pretty good but for stuff I wear I feel like I have to hold it in my hands before I’ll buy one.

It’s amazing how bad tech reporting is these days when none of the videos I’ve seen on the Versa so far described if the straps were removable, that was the best feature on the Charge 2. I’ll assume they are for now.

The danger of talking about Fitbits here is the inevitable Fitbit Pay discussion… Don’t suppose there are any updates other than those on Trello board @simonb ?

(Simon B) #4

I’m afraid not! Sorry!

(PhilB) #5

I liked my Blaze, but killed it in the ocean when I forgot to take it off :expressionless:

I love my Ionic though: a great evolution of the Blaze (even if it would have been nice for the Blaze to be waterproof on release :frowning:) . I didn’t feel like my Ionic was disproportionately expensive, tbh… though it helps that I also got the flyer headphones for free because of the Amazon Treasure Truck deal \o/

I really don’t like the look of the Versa. It looks oversized and quite chunky. The Ionic OTOH I think looks great :man_shrugging: