Fitbit Pay

Done! I didn’t realise that was a thing :upside_down_face:

Good to see I’m not the only one that would like this added.

Is FitBit Pay here yet?

Where is FitBit Pay??

+1 for FitBit Pay


This feature determines whether or not I upgrade to the Versa :watch: C’mon Monzo!


+1 x 1000000

Same! The Versa is on my wishlist but having Monzo in Fitbit Pay would be the cherry on top of the icing. :cherries:


Where is FitBit Pay??



I literally got a charge 3 Fitbit because it has Fitbit pay as I was hoping if I was out running etc and needed to shop. I could use it. But, when I got to adding my card on it… Monzo apparently doesn’t support Fitbit pay :sob: I only bank with Monzo and plan on only banking with them. But, it would really make a massive difference to me and others (as it seems) to have Monzo support Fitbit pay!!

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Hello guys,
I literally got my Fitbit Ionic 2 weeks ago and I love it. I had a Monzo card around 2 yrs now and I think that it’s just natural to combine the two together. I suppose the idea with 2 hands. Please make it work!

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I was thinking about this today. Still a feature I’d really like to see. :watch:

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Agreed. Used Wear OS for 2 days and it’s going back. Really not ready for prime time.

Please please! Fitbit Pay works with Revolut and Starling - do you really wanna lose out to them?


Not really a compelling argument but your interest is no doubt noted.

Yes, really interested in this feature!
We just moved to Monzo as our primary bank account, but tbh we’re willing to look at other options which are supporting FitBit and Garmin Pay for an ease of use (as previously mentioned here).
I love Monzo and have so far enjoyed it a lot as a secondary, and now primary, bank account, but it seems odd to me that this request has been live from at least Sep 2017 and there are no plans to support this feature.
Please consider this!

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Hey All,

Not sure how many people are Fitbit users but certain models allow nfc payments and just a idea to see if Monzo would consider joining the list of banks available for Fitbit pay.

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I believe a number of people have already made the same request.

I would really like Monzo to be one of fitbit pay participating banks. Monzo please can you guys consider this.


Definitely +1 for Fitbit Pay!

Seems less like a ‘small user base’ and more like either an oversight or laziness on Monzo’s part. You’re supposed to make your service feature rich to future proof it and compete competitors, not complain that the task is too hard. :confused:

It would be a very large (read slow and expensive) task to complete with uncertain additional income as a result

Not that likely to happen when there is understandable focus on turning loss into profit

That means some features will arrive that seem to not benefit everyone, and others that benefit you do not

Not laziness, just a choice to focus on certain things

“Seems” is the operative word here. Everyone has an opinion and a negative slant is easy to take (and can also be seen as a lazy approach to a topic).

As outsiders, actually, none of us have any idea of the thinking behind this.