Fitbit Pay

(Scott) #82

Yeah I’ve got it linked with starling, mega handy when in the gym and need to buy a drink or whatever :smiley: don’t use apart from when at the gym mind lol

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(Ashley) #83

Throwing my hat in the ring for interest, too.

(Nicol) #84

I would love to see this feature added, would be super handy!

(Leon) #85

I would also be interested in this feature. Thank you.


(Dom) #86

I would still very much be interested in having fitbit pay supported.

Let us know :slight_smile:

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(Simon Tomes) #87

+1 for FitBit Pay support.

Health Conscious + Money Conscious = Good marketing sense :wink:

( #88

I would very much like this please! :blush:

(Brandon Billingham) #89

Needing a new smart watch I’d be very interested in this

(Kate 🌈) #90


(Richard) #91

+1 for FitBit pay support on the FitBit Watches

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+1 for Fitbit pay support. Revolt look to have added support now.

(Emma (still not the app)) #93

But they don’t have Apple Pay. Swings and roundabouts

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(Thomas Horne) #95

… or Google Pay of your stuck with a VISA card account.

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(Andrew Jenkins) #96

Oh I think they are “sticky”, with some anyway. I’d like to see Fitbit Pay implemented by Monzo. I’ve had Fitbit trackers since the original Fitbit One. They work too. I used to struggle getting my original target of 8,000 steps a day, now I regularly hit 20,000 a day. Mind you having Monty (pictured) may be helping too.

(Zoë ) #97

As someone who has had Santander accounts that are supported by fitbit pay, this is a game changer for me. I use my versa watch to pay daily and it will complicate my budget tracking massively if I have to keep and transfer to my santander account to use it. In that case is Monzo worth it?

(Emma (still not the app)) #98

I’d say probably not as you’ve described it


Hi! Just bought a Fitbit Charge and really enjoying using Fitbit Pay with Starling. It would be great to have Monzo as well :slight_smile:

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Another vote for Fitbit Pay here! :grin: It’s the main reason I keep my Starling account open.

(Dan Mullen) #101

I use Google Pay most of the time but just got a new Fitbit so added my Starling debit card to Fitbit Pay yesterday. Works great!


You can actually vote for this Fitbit Pay by scrolling to the top of the post and clicking the vote button at the top left (doesn’t look like you’ve voted yet).