Fitbit Pay

If Fitbit Pay is essential enough to your daily spend, then I guess that is the right answer for you, but switching salary as well is maybe a bit drastic

You could just pop over some money to Starling for your watch/band each month like I do HSBC for my mortgage

Anyhow, let us know how it goes

If Starling better suits your needs you should absolutely go for it.

It seems to not be a very popular feature here.

Yeah I don’t how you gauge popularity for these things really, I’m sure there is data out there. The forum isn’t the best place as it’s such a small set of the overall user base and I imagine the active forum users is even lower.

I think chat is now directing product suggestions to the community - so whilst it’s definitely a small subset, its still fairly indicative of what people want.

Tracking this too. I am a beta Monzo user and I was just thinking of getting a Fitbit and it put me off a bit not being able to use Monzo on it. I have a Revolut that I barely use, I guess I will have to start using that more for the Fitbit.

I got a Santander credit card for just this purpose but have ended up not using it much in reality.


I would mainly use it to pay contactless for my underground and buses.

Is FitBit Pay here yet?

Where is FitBit Pay, I’m ready for it now.


Lol. I would go for an Apple watch but the battery sucks plus it drains my iPhone’s battery’s while connected so I’d rather wait for Monzo to implement Fitbit Pay

Because no one uses Fitbit unless they still live in 2011 :joy:

:thinking: my watch saves my phone’s battery - plus 1-2days of battery is fine - can charge overnight :man_shrugging:t2:

Give me a sign that support is on the radar :soon: Waiting on it to upgrade :eyes:

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I recently opened a secondary account with Starling and noticed they’re Fitbit Pay compatible, so if I do upgrade my Fitbit to one with Pay, that’s what I’ll be using.

If anyone’s still desperate to use Pay, it may be worth having a side account just for a bit of spending money that’s compatible. Doesn’t seem like it’s coming up particularly soon for Monzo.


I can confirm that Fitbit Pay works great on Starling. I’ve got a Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition - bear in mind the standard version doesn’t come with NFC so won’t work with Fitbit Pay.


Wow 2 years old this thread … and sad to see no sign of any movement here. I’d love to be able to use fitbit pay.


Only Starling and Revolut are supported. But Revolut isn’t working (even though I have a card with them as well as Monzo)

Come on, Monzo, get to it! :slight_smile:

Come on monzo please get fitbit pay up and running :blush:

Any further news on this… ? Patiently waiting :grin:

Hey Kat :wave:

No news here I’m afraid. We aren’t building any more mobile payments options right now.

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Might not be any point now