Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise (PS4)

So I was looking for some advice regarding the Yakuza series on PS4. Basically, out of the 7 main Yakuza games, only one of them isn’t currently playable on PS4 and that’s Yakuza 3. The PS4 remaster just came out in Japan but it’ll be 6-8 months at least before there’s a Western release.

I don’t want to skip that game and go straight to 4 (I like to play series’ chronologically if possible) so I asked a few folks whether I should skip ahead or wait. Someone suggested I play Fist Of The North Star, which is coming out in a few days from now and is made by the same team as Yakuza using the same or a similar engine. Basically it’s Yakuza but using the Fist of The North Star characters. I’ve learned that this is a famous Manga / anime series that’s been around for decades.

Anyhoo, it seems like a good idea so I’m gonna pick this up.

Any other PS4 folks interested in this one?