Yakuza 7 : Like A Dragon 🐉

Hot off the heels of the recent PS4 release of Yakuza 3 remastered, and the upcoming Y4 and Y5 remasters over the next few months, the next entry in the series is being shown off.

No more Kazuma Kiryu, the main protagonist. His story ended in 6, apparently, which I haven’t played yet. There’s a new protagonist and they’ve also changed the combat system to a JRPG style menu system instead of 3D beat em up, which kinda saddens me :pensive:

I’ll still buy it though! I really enjoy this series.

What I love about the series is you can go from deep moving story moments to sheer lunacy very fast haha

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Yes!!! Absolutely. There are some hilariously ridiculous sideplots.

New trailer, showing off the English dub and various different gameplay abilities. Out November 13th! :raised_hands:

I’m 22 hours in and this game is EPIC.