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I’m planning on moving away from nationwide, don’t like them at all anymore compared to 5-10 years go. Only going to keep mortgage with them.

“I’m so done with Tesco I’m only shopping at Tesco Express now”


What’s everyone’s opinions using them as main?

I’ve banked with them for 10 years+ until recently, I still have the account but have moved away from it being a main account due to the slightly disastrous switch to Mastercard that lost all of the HSBC integration, and also the products weren’t competitive (at the time)- poor savings rates, no rewards on the credit cards etc in comparison with the parent company.
Service wise, I can’t fault them, phone service has always top notch and the staff have been polite, UK based, really helpful and personable.
I don’t care for notifications, it’s not a dealbreaker for me; I know I’ve spent X amount in a shop, so I don’t need something to ding on phone to say I’ve spent it, there’s the receipt if I am really that curious to know what, where etc.
That said, good to have it for fee-free FX abroad, it’s something they’ve brought in recently.


Who do you bank with now?

Just on the notifications comment, think it’s more the security aspect in events of fraudulent activity for me.


FD has always had good customer service which is based in the UK. I’ve had issues with the app with having to be diverted to call someone - which for an app based bank is pretty poor. The layout is so basic I could do better on a windows 95 computer. I’ve been spoilt with Monzo as I love the features of knowing what is coming and going from my account and sound effects. Love the fact you can also block those annoying subscriptions and payments from randomly trying to take money. I’ve closed all other bank accounts recently, other than Monzo. I can’t see me opening another bank unless it can copy Monzo with its features. (Yes some banks are trying to implement things but it’s very hit and miss with notifications etc).

How? I thought that the block spending function didn’t work on recurring CPAs?

I had the option to block a weight watchers subscription which I did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I can click on any transaction and block further payments from being taken. I love it!

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It’s a great way to end up in court for breach of contract!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: true. I contacted weight watchers and told them I couldn’t afford payments so they did end the contract. (They did attempt to take payment on two occasions thought after this was agreed to end). They still didn’t get paid and I’ve not heard anything since haha (I did get my closed account details from WW though) .

Revolut has this and it’s a great tool.

But so are disposable virtual cards :joy:

I don’t like their app though. A lot of different things to click and the EU currencies etc. also my money isn’t protected with them until they get a props banking licence - but even then I don’t trust them with how they fudge their books :joy:


Managing the different currency accounts is a mess on Revolut, I would also say.

But surely you can just keep it in GBP and spend fee-free? (I have no idea, I don’t use Revolut for card spending)


Correct, just spend from GBP for the best rate.

Weekends come with a 1% markup on most currencies but other than when I went to Prague recently (because it was solely a weekend trip), I’ve never converted to a currency.

I don’t find it confusing in the app.

Balance and transactions on Home Screen, simple tap to view all transactions.

Transfers has a button at the bottom of the screen to send money.

Don’t really use any of the rest, if their Stays and Experiences was more competitive I’d probably utilise it, but even then it’s fairly simple.

User experience isn’t too far apart from monzo, just a different design.

HSBC UK, so I have kind have done the reverse of what the person that posed the question is doing. I was happy with the operations of the HSBC systems anyway and at the time FD didn’t have an equivalent to the online bonus saver, the credit card offered nothing so there was no real incentive to use it, and also all of the HSBC integration disappearing and never getting fixed was the icing on the cake to consider the parent company.

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Snap. It’s exactly what I did around a year back. Still have the FD account, but it’s dormant and I see no reason to go back from HSBC now.

Interesting ad in the FD app today I saw for the first time asking if there were any accessibility things FD could do to make my life easier through a digital self disclosure.


Just got interrogated from FD for trying to send two payments to Tandem via open banking. The first one went but the second payment they blocked. Had to explain every transaction and credit into my FD since beginning of June, I understand why but what a faff.


I get why they do it for outgoing but I’ve never understood why they ask about inbound aswell on that call, surely if they wanted to know where a payment come from they’d ask when it arrived and not when it’s being spent? Had the same thing with Barclays 2x, not too much of an inconvenience just a phone call same as you

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Had an account now for 1 year, as my regular saver has just matured. Don’t use the current account, and not sure it’s worth keeping for another regular saver. May look to switch somewhere for some cashback.

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