Savings Accounts Recommendations

(Justin Hunt) #1

So anyone got any recommendations of any awesome Fintech Savings Accounts just to plonk some cash in ?
A bit of interest would be nice as well :wink:


(Simon Porter) #2

Personally I’m hanging on for the Monzo marketplace.


Atom seems to have higher rates than Fidor at the moment, but it changes every few months

(Jonathon) #4

I’m using Moneybox at the moment, but I know that’s not quite the same as a savings account.

I’m hoping they eventually integrate Monzo in the same way as other banks (including Starling), so that every transaction I make it rounded up and invested.

(Marta) #5

Also not really savings account, but similar outcome - Easy, nice interface, no fluff. I prefer lending money to people than ‘investing’. Eveything has a risk, but I feel like lending is less abstract than investing in something I have no clue about. I’m basically giving £100 to some business and I expect £103 back. I’m not ‘here’s £100 and I hope that investment will go well’ (I’m simplifying so much, but don’t jugde layman).

There are 2 other decent companies like RateSetter - and Each has slightly different product, so anyone who has a goal to put aside some money on higher % than usual savings account, that’s worth exploring and deciding if it suits your needs. With higher sums of money it probably worth diverisying and using 2-3 different companies.

(Dan) #6

I liked the look of RateSetter and was tempted to put in a few quid, but then there was a flurry of bad press around somewhat dubious lending practices which made me doubt them.

(Marta) #7

@dannn Yeah, that wasn’t the best, but end outcome for end users is actually not that bad. They were really open about it (I got an email before I learned about it from other sources) AND they offered immediate payout for users who didn’t like this situation. Overall, it was handled really well and no user was at a loss due to this situation.

(Bruce) #8

Love the ease and simplicity of ATOM and their rates. Great for money storage. Though I do think it’s more fun and possibly a better upside to use a fintech investment company like the others have talked about. Though safety is sometimes is less hassle :slight_smile: