What other fintech apps/banks do people use or recommend?

Hi, I was just wondering what other fintech apps/banks people use other than Monzo? :grin:

My top 3

Starling complements Monzo well. Has free post office deposits with no silly limits like Monzo. Also if you go abroad you’ll have £300/day ATM for free which makes Monzo look stingy with £200/month. Downsides they don’t have budgeting and they use GPS for processing payments which isn’t good for reliability.

Freetrade for shares with zero/low cost rather than the tenner a time it would usually cost to buy/sell.

Curve is great for swapping what card you paid on later and can avoid carrying wallet. Also can act as a way to have a second debit card for your account for those that don’t want to joint.


I’ve never really used curve, but use Freetrade and starling quite often.
I have a lot of accounts with fintech company but honestly don’t have a purpose for many of them at this time.

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I used Curve when it first started but stopped because of the way the transaction looked on my actual card statement…

Does anyone know if it’s changed now and shows actual details of a transaction on the card statement?


That’s the same reason I stopped using them too.

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If you a contractor or freelancer then Curve is great. I pay all my taxes (personal, VAT and corporation) through the app and so can turn them into airmiles at no cost.

I use PensionBee where I consolidated all the little pensions I’d picked up over a varied career and, while I have been happy with Nutmeg for my ISA, that will be transferred to Freetrade soon.

I use Revolut purely to get exposure to Bitcoin and Ripple.

I use GoHenry for pocket money but purely because my kids aren’t old enough to put them on Monzo yet. My 15.5 year old can’t wait until he is 16 so he can a) get married (purely theoretical) and b) get a Monzo card. I find GoHenry too expensive for what it gives to be honest.

Investor in Plum, Chip and Oval money too but don’t use their apps to any degree.

In terms of recommending any of them, well Monzo and Freetrade I open on a daily basis and would obviously recommend both.


Curve is useful if you already have a bunch of other cards and more so if some of them have terrible apps. I keep my credit cards on there (except AMEX which isn’t supported) so that I only have to carry my Monzo card and Curve card. Freetrade is great too.

I have a few other fintechs like Starling, N26 and Dozens but I’ll likely close some of them as I don’t use them. I just have them to keep an eye on what others are doing in the space :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi there. I use Emma as a Money Management tool - think it’s really good. Allows me to see all my accounts in one place. Have signed up for early access to Snoop which looks like it will do the same and lots more - looks very cool.

Also I use coinbase for Bitcoin and Moneybox for investments (which I really like)

Hope helpful!

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Could you link me to the product page for Snoop?



Only other fintech app I use is Freetrade. It’s great for investing without being gouged with fees. Though you do have to use it carefully and make sure you’re making good investment decisions/have a strategy (the value of your investments can go down as well as up).

Although I have an N26 account but I haven’t touched it in months because their whole thing is clunky and rubbish

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Top 8 results are like this:

@anon87598344 - looks like it is http://snoop.app for the fintech, not the similarly named http://snoopapp.co which is CCTV.


Excluding big banks or big companies like Paypal, the only other Fintech apps I regularly use are Emma and Splitwise (although don’t know if Splitwise counts). There are a few others I maintain an interest in but mainly for future potential or occasional needs rather than current regular use: Revolut, Transferwise, Freetrade, Jaja, Dozens, Chip.

Hi Sam. Sorry for delay. It was in my social feed - but https://snoop.app works too. I’ve signed up and we’ll see where they get to with it. Until then - very happy with Emma!

Definitely FreeTrade

Is it wise doing that? You lose all protections of your credit cards - instead relying on curve and chargebacks. Not often things go wrong but it could happen.

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Revolut, because I do a lot of FX transactions and hold EUR currency.

I know there are quite a few haters but I have never had a problem with them.

Isn’t the protection on purchases over £100? If you are buying less than that then it would be chargeback, and over just use the credit card directly if a risky purchase. I’m guessing if you are buying in person then like a nice pair of shoes in a shop over the £100 then you can just take them back if they turned out dodgy so the protection isn’t helping. I guess its down to what you spend your money on, I don’t have many monthly £100+ purchases where the protection would help.

What’s the best account / credit card that uses visa? I’m thinking a back up account that isn’t mastercard might be sensible but everything I’ve seen and like the look of is mastercard.

You couldn’t chargeback on a credit card though as they paid curve and that’s all - it’s not curve that haven’t provided the service.

I don’t know how much I’d then trust Curve’s own service and I very much doubt they’d be absorbing any costs to put it right for the customer.

Problem with many fintechs imo - including Monzo

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