Fingerprint biometrics for phones without fingerprint readers

bunq have an interesting system where you hold your hand/fingers up to your phone camera and it takes a couple of shots to identify you. One advantage of the system is you can use biometrics without the need for a reader built into your phone.


Dear me, that has got to be the single worst possible way to scan fingerprints…


How does it tell the difference between my actual fingers and a photograph of my fingers?


I have provided below some links to the manufacturer’s website, a document and an ebook.

The technology is accepted by Interpol and the Dutch Government and in tests is more accurate than the fingerprint scanners built into phones.

It is not just scanning a part of a finger but more finger area.

It is also contactless technology that can be used by those with medical conditions preventing them contact fingerprint readers.

According to the manufacturers the benefits of 4 Fingers TouchlessID are:

• Extremely low False Rejection Rate of 1.0% at a 0.01% False Acceptance Rate

• Greater than 500 DPI resolution, the same as high-end flatbed fingerprint scanners

• Works under any lighting conditions because it uses the device’s LED flash

• Works on standard smartphones – no additional hardware required

• Liveness detection to prevent presentation attacks (spoofing)

• Uses a simple interface that makes it fast and easy to authenticate

• 4 Fingers provides high-quality prints for 1:1 or 1:n matching

• Supports legacy fingerprint database matching, including Interpol, NIST, and more coming soon.


Veridium Touchless ID is utilizing the powerful hardware that everyone had in their pocket as a device to acquire biometrics for secure and reliable authentication. Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, we able to harvest the high-quality images using rear camera of most smartphone and use them to generate fingerprint images that have similar quality as traditional sensors, add to that our technology capture more area of the single finger than most of these sensors. Also, our system is a multifinger system that uses the four fingers. please check our website for more info.

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Veridium Touchless ID has liveness measure to prevent such attacks

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Veridium’s New Software Biometric Authentication Solution is also now Verified as Citrix Ready.

VeridiumAD, with new Citrix Connectors, is a unique biometric authentication solution for organizations with Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix environments seeking to enhance security by eliminating passwords enterprise-wide

Just saw these tweets:

It sounds like the disadvantage of this system is that it’s not great to actually use. What’s your experience been, Richard?

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Wow, that looks great!!!

I have found it easy to use, which a big plus when I have difficulties using a traditional fingertip reader. However, if you have a medical condition where your hand shakes it would be a problem!


The few times Bunq has asked me to authenticate with my hand, whilst feeling a little weird at first, it worked a charm.

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