Feedback on testing energy partnerships

I doubt it makes any difference. Most people who switch regularly will switch if they see a better deal.

As it stands, the referral deal currently leaves me in credit for the next 6 months, so I’m not going anywhere yet :grinning:

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They’ve already posted that they don’t expect to be the cheapest offer around. People who want to do the leg work themselves will undoubtedly find something better. The target market for this is those who therwise wouldn’t bother apparently.

Yeah, I didn’t click it so didn’t see that.

I went straight for the menu icon to the right of it (three dots) and clicked ‘clear’.

This whole issue is looking to be a Marmite thing.
Offering a link through to a comparison service or even an aggregator “feels” less exploitative of the Monzo customer base than offering a named supplier(s) who has bought the way in.
There is also reputational risk to Monzo if the Monzo supplier (over whom you would have limited control) messes up.
That said, I like the idea of you examining and selecting “recommended suppliers” based on some open criteria and then listing them ahead of (but with) wider alternatives. That way, Monzo customers could decide for themselves how deeply to delve for their personal decision.
Essentially, this is what Which? does, where members have to choice of going straight to “best buys” or access to a detailed consideration.

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I imagine lots of people will want to split there energy bill (possibly paying from a joint account)…

As monzo don’t do joint accounts it would be nice to have a direct debit or standing order that you can automatically set to request a payment from others (setup once and it will do it every month). This would let you know if they do / don’t pay. You could adjust this for months (occurrences) where you may want a different setup.

This idea seems brilliant and extremely topical at the moment but I have a few questions…

  • To get accurate savings how do you gain access to/estimate consumption data.

  • How do you know the payment methods used by the energy customer, varying payment methods offer varying savings and I can understand you can identify a direct debit saving, but do you identify if someone is on a pre-payment meter for example?

  • Can you switch all users online or do some savings require telephone switches still?

  • How will you get user consent?

  • Do you direct us out of Monzo to your third parties or are you including the switch inside the Monzo user journey?


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Hi @JoeWroe - it’s early days, so we’re unclear how accurately we can target based on direct debit data, but there might be ways we can complement this data (e.g. get people to take a picture of their latest energy bill as part of “completing your Monzo profile”). We’ll experiment with this in the coming months once we get more energy direct debits being paid from people’s Monzo accounts. The end goal is to enable people to switch energy providers with one click inside the Monzo app, so we’ll see how far towards that we can get, which will of course include user consent.

Hi @philhewinson, thanks for the reply. As I understand it, bills don’t show accurate consumption data and are just an estimate made by the supplier (unless you’re on a Smart Meter)? So, how will you handle rebates/extra charges from a supplier at the point of change?

The single click seems ambitious given that even the best Price Comparison websites take you through a 3/4 page journey to switch. I’m really keen to see how you achieve it!

I really like this idea though, is there scope to provide a full bill management feature through the app? I know you’re already partnering with OneDocs, but it would be awesome to see all bills managed through my bank! Is there already a thread for this?!

@philhewinson - I have been reading these posts and for me it is probably the most difficult decision that Monzo will have to make IMO. ‘Incentive’ for me is the single biggest driver of all human interaction, aligning Monzo’s incentive with their company’s image, ambitions and ethical perspective is no easy task.

Having thought about this my suggestion would be as follows;

  1. Monzo will have considerable bargaining power with companies wanting to utilise the marketplace and have access to the customer base. To that end, I would have an industry by industry percentage for the entirety of the time that a monzo customer uses a marketplace product. Every energy supplier in the marketplace would pay the same percentage in commission to Monzo. This then means that Monzo are not ‘incentivised’ to encourage their customers to change supplier.

  2. I would allow customers to rate the products they use. In terms of displaying the products on the marketplace. I would randomly change the order every time somebody clicked in the marketplace. Ensuring every company is given equal visibility in the marketplace.

In summary, very similar to Apple’s app store, but with differing limits based on industry.

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This might work if energy were the only thing you were looking at. But if you wish to expand into broadband, insurance, mobile phone plans etc, asking people to upload them all would be pretty demanding. Might be more successful asking when people are switching, although that would mean you couldn’t use the data for initial targeting of the ads, and it would make your one-click aspiration impossible.

It’s been years since I’ve seen a paper energy bill :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose I could photograph the screen…

or download and save pdf? most companies have that

Is it possible to test switching? Switched two months ago to EverSmart Energy and seriously regret it, ready to jump ship. If I could trial a switch through Monzo that would be amazing.

I think the answer is no as it was a heavily targeted trial but god if I could leave EverSmart energy for somewhere in a few clicks I’d do it!

I am not sure if Monzo are still trailing that I have not seen that on my feed for a few weeks now but it did pop up for me. I would recommend bulb though they are really good just one plan if you want you can use this link and you &me both will get £50 credit

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We’ve paused this test for now as we wait for more people to move their energy direct debits over to the Monzo current account so we can target better and improve the experience. If you are interested in switching to Bulb, you can do so at this link, which will get you an extra £25 credit for switching:

Note that if you use one of the other referral links that others have posted above, you’ll get £50 credit for switching


Thanks Phil. I switched at the weekend using @anon70107404’s link after he reached out to me :slight_smile:

My link is separate from Monzo. Monzo link gave you £25. …My link gives you £50. :+1:

Can you just give £50 instead?


Special offer from Bulb to celebrate their 200,000 customer. If you use my link below to switch we both get £100 each :slight_smile:

“To thank our members, we’ve doubled our referral reward for the next 7 days. You’ll get £100 and your friend will get £100 when they sign up to Bulb through your link”

Here’s the link:

I think we need an energy switching marketplace :wink: