Feedback from Monzo Job Applicants

(Simon B) #126

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be the perfect interviewer, there’s lots of amazing people in this company involved in hiring who do it far more often than I, but I really don’t think the above is true for us.

Firstly because no decision is solely made by an individual. Secondly because we are hyper-aware of internal bias. I’ve approached every interview with a blank slate. There’s people on paper who are the perfect candidate but then don’t come across well in person, and vice versa. And many, many variables in between.

Finally, the interview is only one part of the process, so it’s not the be-all and end-all of the application.

I know that it sucks to not get a role that you want and are qualified for. And it’s also possible that we’ve got it wrong and made the wrong call. That happens! And anyone that has been involved in hiring knows how hard it is and how tough some calls are to make.

It’s also not always possible to give feedback. Sometimes it just comes down to going with a candidate who we felt was stronger and it might only be a slight difference. Sometimes there isn’t always useful feedback to give, unfortunately.


Thanks for the reply.

First of all, it was my general opinion and not a fact!

My intention is not to target monzo interviewers.
I am trying to help improve your current interview process by providing you guys constructive feedback.

Also, just to highlight that in my case, the decision was made by one person who was interviewing me .
I understand you appreciate honesty and openness. Believe me, it’s not an attack on the level of professionalism you guys operate. I am just trying to highlight little improvements that is needed based on the experience I had. Interview is a two way process. Thus, my feedback/ opinion is equally important.



Ah that puts a slightly different complexion on it.

I wonder if you considered it an interview but the other person a pre interview screener?

In any event, lessons to be learnt on both sides, I’m sure.

(Jack Villiers) #129

Thanks for the feedback, we want to make sure every candidate that applies to Monzo has a good experience so we will definitely take this on board!

I’ll get in touch with you directly to discuss it further.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ryan Kirk) #130

Having been in the recruitment process myself, I can honestly say I’ve never been through a process as excellent as Monzo! I had been selected to attend an interview down in Cardiff. As I’m just outside of Glasgow, Monzo was excellent in trying to arrange to get me down :slight_smile:

I had a few personal things happen which resulted in me being unable to make it which I was incredibly gutted at.

I have been told I’ll be kept on record on the chance anything else comes up which I really really really do hope is the case :slight_smile:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #131

I’d like to leave feedback on how my recent experience on the Monzo application has been. Having read the experience of previous applicants on here and on glassdoor, I can say for sure that Monzo has definitely improved the process and I agree with Ryan, it has been excellent.

I applied for the Weekend Customer Operations role last Thursday in the morning and I was shocked to see that I had gotten a reply on the same day within hours! I was expecting a reply within a few days but, in the email I was asked to do a task and once I completed it I was invited to a final interview which involved two 1:1’s and a group session interview down in Cardiff. I really enjoyed being in the office and I got along with everyone so quickly! The atmosphere is so friendly at Monzo and even those who also got invited were so friendly and I told myself that this is the place to be. I’ve found out today and I had been offered a role on the team and I am thrilled! :partying_face: (See you all in the help chat soon :wink:)

Some feedback I would have is:

  • It seems that when I was being interviewed I wasn’t asked about my CV or my previous experience which I thought was strange, but tbh I did prefer this style of interview
  • I wasn’t sure of how the day was going to go, it was just walk in and wait to be called, which was fine, but I guess it would have been nice to know that I was going to have my group interview first and then 1:1’s

Other than that, I really enjoyed the process and still would feel the same if I didn’t get the role :slight_smile:

(Jack) #132

Congrats :clap:t3::tada:


Great to see that feedback’s being taken on board.

And congrats, @kennc05 on getting the gig - and @Ryan fingers :crossed_fingers: crossed for next time!


(Kenneth Cajigas) #134

Thanks guys :blush: can’t wait to get started!


Welcome!! :raised_hands: See you on slack soon.

(Ryan Kirk) #136

Congratulations on the job! Absolutely chuffed for you!! :tada::tada::tada: