Feedback: Add funds via CC

Please add option to add funds via a credit or debit card like you can with Revolut

That’s not how it works.

Monzo is a bank now, not a pre-paid card.


As above. But are credit cards even allowed with Revolut and others? I wouldn’t have thought so.

As a workaround, have you considered just sending yourself money via

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Just transfer it in?

Surely via credit card would have been considered a cash advance by the provider anyway, with appropriate fees and interest :man_shrugging:


Convenient as it may be, they removed this option for debit cards years ago, and so it is unlikely to return.

You can effectively do this with “Easy bank transfer”.

Just click “Add money” on the card home screen, then click “Easy bank transfer” and select your bank.

It makes use of open banking connections, so if your bank isn’t on the list then i’m afraid you’ll have to transfer normally from your other bank account.