Feature to track saving goals within a pot for specific things

This is a tricky thing to describe but I will try.

It would be great if we could use pots to save for certain things and get an indication of how much out we are from the target.

For example, if I was saving for a car costing say £5,000 and a new boiler costing £,4000 it would be good if when transferring money into the pot I could say what the money is contributing towards so if at the end of the month I put £750 into the pot I could say £500 for the car and £250 for the boiler. The pot then shows me I have £4,500 left to hit my car target and £3,750 for the boiler. This way, when saving for different things, you can track what is in the pot against other things. If you withdraw then you say what it’s counting against or it evenly reduces the target against all saving goals. Maybe this could be something that would be for plus accounts only as an extra feature to entice people to the plus account.

Edit - As an afterthought, it would be good if the salary sorter would let note (if transferring to a pot with a saving target) how much of that transferred amount goes to each goal or if you don’t choose then it evenly distributes the value against all saving goals.

Hopefully, this makes sense.

Now, I already know that some people will say… just open a pot for individual things, while yes you can do that you are limited to the number of pots. This way you can have a pot for overall savings like a house pot or entertainment pot rather than lots of multiple pots.

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Seems rather complex, compared with just having separate pots. How many individual things do you need to save for? Like, do you really need to save for ‘entertainment’?

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You’re right, it does sound complex but it would really be simple, just hard to picture i guess, think it could help people who want to save for things, and entertainment was more of a general category.

you may have several things such as:

Fridge / Freezer
Mobile Phone

The list could go on but having a single pot for all would be a good way to keep things together. Yes, you can have one for each but the point of a saving pot is to save for things so why not have all the things together knowing that the things you’re saving for are all together rather than dozens of pots?

Your way is making it more complex.


I sorta see your point. I have a few things I save up for and I do wish it could all be in one pot sometimes, mostly so I don’t have to archive pots etc.

I’d also like my roundups to go towards a particular item and then when it hits that target it moves on to the next item (ie. I need £50 for X and when it hits £50 my roundups go towards that £1,000 tractor voucher I want instead).

But honestly I think how it is now is simple so will most likely remain the way it will be. But I do understand what you’re looking for and why.


I like the thoughts of the round-up working towards the goals, like prioritisation until a goal is reached.

I get that it sounds slightly complex it’s probably my way of explaining it, but I’m sure Monzo could implement it in a way that would make it much simpler and even a desirable feature.

The one thing I love about Monzo is the non-traditional features it offers like pots and pays from pots, but now other banks are starting to implement these too making it less of a selling point. Adopting features like this and other people have suggested will help keep Monzo fresh and appealing, right now I think Monzo leads the way and if they would take on our suggestions it would help them stay on top for sure.

I think there’s something here in terms of what categories spending from a pot has had but that’s a different thing to this.

This seems complex