Fantasy League / Stag and Hen Pots

Hi All,

So, I am the commissioner for my friends’ upcoming rugby world cup fantasy league - and to manage the money in I have made a pot that I have locked until the end of the world cup (2nd November). Obviously, there are some floors here, and I’m not sure about the moral dilemma of earning interest when im just holding my friends’ cash!

It got me thinking, imagine a pot, for fantasy leagues (or stag/hen do funds etc…), whereby I can send a 5 quid request to all my friends to pay directly to the fantasy league pot, and they can all ‘see’ the pot but not access it. Then I can elect a ‘winner’, or something of the like, to receive all the cash.

Likewise, for a hen or stag do, you all pay into a pot - and an elected person (commissioner) is in charge of the money in that pot for a night out or stag weekend etc… then at the end of the night, the remaining funds (if any?) can be divided up and sent back to all those who put in.


Really like the idea behind this! Would be keen to see if its something Monzo would be able to do!

This sounds a lot like Shared Pots. You can vote for Shared Pots here:

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