Fantasy Football (FPL)

I got 700th in the world last year, bring it on!

Butter balls, if you please.


I wa just in the top 10k and thought i was doing well. Well Done!!

I think I just got lucky with my initial team doing well and just running with it to be honest, my best before that was top 300k haha!

A grand total of 10.


Giroud Sandstorm has entered the game

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Tango FC is contemplating a new signing…

FYI my tactic is largely built around forgetting to update each week and giving up by January… GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


Wait, you have to update it? I thought you picked it and that was that!

It’s been a looooooooooooong time since I did a fantasy football thing, like the 90s long time, and back then it was all hole-punched cards and requisitioning mainframe time. LOL I kid, it was managed in a FoxPro program. But that was bad enough…

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You don’t HAVE to, but it helps…

Last time I did one it was back in the Yahoo Group days. I picked a Man U player called Cristiano something, the season he scored 1439 goals… I won that league on his stats alone.


I’ve just changed my team’s kit colours. Swish!

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InterMeNan have joined the frey!


Sounds a bit wrong that one :joy:

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I’ll be joining :smiling_imp:

Really? Hadn’t noticed … :wink:

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16 so far signed up!

League Code: eefv38

Friendly reminder.

Fixed it for you

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@grant.macgregor I’m in! Chip and monzo :partying_face::smirk:

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I’m in a Soccer Saturday Super 6 League, think you can beat me?

Head to and join my league

Monzo Premier League

Joined Good Sir :wink:

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