Falling for Fraud

Hello Community!
I hope you are all doing well in this challenging period.
Since it can never get even more challenging, unfortunately I personally fell for fraud which really bothers me. I realized that the data I inserted is gone but still I thought maybe there is something that I can do to make it impossible for these idiots to use my data.
To keep you in the loop: it was a message from EE saying that they were unable to process my bill and I have to update my details. :angry:
Since this is a valid procedure with Three in my home country I trusted this message.
So any advice that you could give me would be highly appreciated.


What details did you enter on the phishing page? You need to consider them compromised and plan accordingly. If they were card details you can start by freezing your Monzo card and ordering a new one.

Hey Rjevski,

Yes, My card details were part of the details. So would you say I shall ask for a new account?

Many thanks

You don’t need a new account, just a new card. Freeze your existing card right now, if you haven’t yet!

Then contact Monzo for a new card

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Will do, now! Thanks.

You don’t need to contact anyone. Freeze your card then select replace and follow the instructions.

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Did you enter any login details? Username or password?

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I was being a bit loose with contact :joy:

Not for Monzo, for my EE account yes. But i have changed the login details already.

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Thanks everyone for your help! I have frozen my account and a new card has been ordered accordingly.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

These things happen and they make it so believable. People panic when their money is at risk, it’s a natural reaction.


Remember that they have your phone number, so watch out for more scams, as they may try again or pass on your details. Installing something like “Should I answer?” can help a bit.

Did they ask for a postcode or address? What about your name? Was it just what’s on the card?

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I was getting a little bit too hard on myself, since I would have never thought that this could happen to me. Proves me wrong.

However I hope that my proactive behavior saved me from further headaches.

Thank you all for your quick responses and help.

Okay, I have installed “should I answer?” now.

They did ask for my post code and address. Anything I can do about this too? what do you think?

Anyone and everyone can be a victim of fraud. Part of the human cost is that it can make you feel rubbish about yourself. Don’t let that happen! Life’s too short.

Are you signed up to credit rating agencies like Experian?

It’s possible they may try to take out credit in your name, so it’s worth signing up and setting up alerts.

Credit Karma sends me an email every time there’s a change on my file

I don’t want to panic you at all and I’m not suggesting this is going to be the case for you but if fraudsters have personal information I would think you’re slightly more at risk of identity theft now. If I was you I’d be more vigilant just in case.

Some of the info here might be useful https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/identity-theft/

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That’s great. If you use the same password anywhere else make sure you change it there too :slight_smile:

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Thanks Stuart. I have signed up for Cifa’s Protective Registration which I hope it will help. Does anybody have experiences with that? My research was kind of mixed.

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My very limited experience; it caused the need for extra verification for someone I know opening a new account for themselves (in NatWest) so in that case it did work as it should have, and should have blocked someone malicious.