Facebook to merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

(Hugh Wells) #21

If I remember correctly, Signal has a better encryption algorithm but the UI is terrible. Telegram is much more useable but slightly less secure.


That was my understanding too. The biggest issue is having a critical mass of friends on either of them… And getting the family WhatsApp group moved somewhere!


Dont have Instagram never will I have a face for radio as my profile clarifies :wink:

Never install facebook on my mobile devides or the messenger, begrudgingly have whatsapp, if there is something out there that is better and not owned by facebook will give it a shot tried Viber but way to many adds

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(Tony Hoyle) #25

According to someone I know at facebook, Messenger uses the signal protocol internally so it’s end to end encrypted too.

(Nathan Steer) #26

From what I can tell from a quick bit of Googling, Facebook messenger has an optional secret mode for conversations (which by chance, I found the other day in the options on one of my conversations) which applies end to end encryption.

Unless you enable that (and I think you have to enable it for each conversation), your conversations do not currently have end to end encryption.