Facebook Banking

(Simon B) #1

Well here’s a thing.

A thing that I suspect will not go the way Zuckerberg would like.

Quick straw-man poll:

Would you trust Facebook with your banking info?

  • Yeah, why not
  • Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Definitely not.

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Something because of PSD2 they can just do here…

(Marcel Ruhf) #3

No way. I would never trust Facebook with any of my data, let alone my financial data.


If you have a Facebook account they already know much more about you and banking data wouldn’t make much difference :grin:

(Marcel Ruhf) #5

Well, I don’t have one, never will.

(Peter Roberts) #6

I voted “no” because I’m not likely to need to do so or use whatever these features are

However, from a technological standpoint I don’t expect they’d be any more insecure with my bank details than say Emma, Yolt or truelayer, all of whom I’ve shared them with


“unfortunately you only have small volume of friends and little likes, 1% savings rate”
“You’re viral, 13% interest rate”

Jokes obvs

(Chris Beach) #8

Facebook willingly gave up their entire database to their “friends” in the Obama campaign. They are a nakedly partisan outfit that cannot be trusted by citizens - especially by those on the right of centre:

(Change Works) #9

At the risk of starting something, I’d add;

“Or left of centre, or in the centre.”

I have zero trust in Facebook.

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #11

They had friends in the Trump campaign too then. Managed to target the racists he needed to succeed.

(Change Works) #12

There wasn’t a Trump campaign at that time. That came later.

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #13


This thread will need closing soon I reckon :joy:

Just to remind we are not talking about US elections here

(Change Works) #15

I pressed ‘like’ but I don’t know what that gif means :joy:

(Excited about Christmas) #16

Has anyone who voted No ever signed up for Cleo?

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #18


(Andre Borie) #19

Nope, out of principle, screw them.

In reality though, if you use Facebook they have more than enough data to have an idea of your finances without even looking at your account.

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #20

I have :slight_smile: probably closing account soon though. Was more to have a play around with it.

(Excited about Christmas) #21

Yeah me too - it was useless and extremely hard to close! (I didn’t vote, BTW)


Not too keen on idea of Facebook banking.