Extraordinary ideas that only Monzo would try!

(Damien) #81

First one and the other.

To be honest Monzo have never denied they’re planning to invade a country or two so it must be somewhere on their road map.

(Neil M) #82

Maybe they should start with a city, Monza Italy would be an easy rebrand


Vote for a premium bond / lotto type thing

(Brenton Hill) #84

Living on the outskirts of London and commuting in everyday for work, my biggest gripe is South West train delays (almost a daily occurrence).

If Monzo could somehow tie into there delay repay system so that you could fill out a simple form from within the TFL payment in Monzo and it automatically sent it off and refunded you. Well that would pretty much be a life saver for me (and I image a lot of other angry commuters!)

That is what I would be pitching!!


Are you aware of automation of TFL refunds via reeclaim?

If not, perhaps send them a request for South West Trains support. I believe they are intending to expand beyond TFL journeys.

(Max Darby) #86

A block on certain transactions (like gambling) to help you stick to your budget better. I. E. I only want to spend £50 in the local pub each month, if I try to use more than my budget in that specific branch it either blocks the transaction, or gives you a small reminder when using contact less (for example “this transaction will exceed your budget, please type your pin or use the fingerprint scanner to confirm transaction”). Most people will just continue the transaction, but atleast it’ll make you think about the next pint you’re about to buy!

(Brenton Hill) #87

Thanks buddy. I will take a look at this.


Monzo doing this would be incredible.

(Brenton Hill) #89

Just checked it out. Looks like a great service. I have linked to it but it does look like it’s only tfl services for now.

Still, if Monzo did this directly it would be another great feature :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #90

Some ideas I’d love to see done well:

  • Wearables as others have said - great free advertising, partner with a great designer and make it part of clothes, shoes, a talking point
  • Web of trust for new signups to ease ID verification
  • Better fraud prevention that doesn’t freeze accounts without saying why
  • Itemised transactions so that I see purchases, not totals
  • Huge financial marketplace (need to move farther and faster on this e.g. stocks and shares pots)
  • Replace MasterCard and Visa with something better
  • Build a cryptocurrency that works, forget distributed blockchains (we don’t need trustless consensus) and build something that could replace the current flawed and Byzantine stores of value and payment networks.
  • Microtransactions
  • Secured loans that don’t suck
  • Better banking and loans for the poorest nations on earth, subsidised by the richest - make this part of your mission, start a pilot program
  • Connect people who buy similar stuff or attend the same event or shop (opt-in)


I’d like to see the air ticket details expanded to cover all transport, e.g. TfL journey details, with in-app option to apply for refund, for example if you didnt touch out, or if a train was delayed.

(Andrew Clark) #92

I buy a travelcard every year for transport in London. It bugs me that I need an extra card but it works out cheaper over the year. Why can’t my travelcard be integrated directly into my Monzo card, it’s just logic after all? The company I use is called Commuterclub and they take a margin. Not sure why I need an additional card in this day and age. (I appreciate that I can use contactless but this would be the full integration of my annual travelcard into my Monzo card).


John Lewis do it with their loyalty card

It would be cool in the future if just paying with your Monzo card was able to produce a receipt for a particular item in the shop

Similar idea to this one which I also love.
Have a full receipt available with a transaction.
Though it would require partnering with shops and getting access to their data which is unlikely but we can dream


Create a loan system. Where other Monzos can invest in ideas of business’ of fellow Monzoers


Would be great, but as it would require retailer cooperation I suspect an company independent of an individual bank would be better placed to deliver (e.g. Flux).

Are there alternatives?

(Tom Halloran) #96

Automatic insurance, offered directly by Monzo.

So say I buy a flight, Monzo send me a notification after asking if I’d like them to give me travel insurance for the trip. Couple of taps and I have cover through Monzo

Or, with the flux integration (when more retailers are listed), say I buy a TV from John lewis, Monzo can offer me insurance on it all from within the app


Proof of address form that doesn’t include all your transations and account balance

(Jordan) #98

Not sure if it would be possible from a regulatory stand-point but having Monzo ask if you’d like some investment advice on say money in a specific pot - having possible investment vehicles/ possible yields over a specific time frame all within the app (even if the monies are transferred over to a partnered company) and having the pot show you the value of the investment.

Mainly just the integration would be great and being able to manage it within one app.

(Kenny Grant) #99

I think a large bank is better placed to make deals with large retailers. Flux has had years and has little to show for it. Requires user growth.

Build one. With a large enough user base in one country and generous terms for merchants a bank could jumpstart this.

They did ask for crazy ideas :slight_smile:

(Yen Pham) #100

Hi @JackW!

There’s no news as yet, but we’d like to! One of our designers has made mock-ups out of interest, but he’d need someone to build it.