Extended ZIP code support

In some major US cities, an extended form of the five digit ZIP code is used to further localise an address. It seems in my experimentation this week in Seattle, that a number of merchants use this extended code in their payment details.

Unfortunately whatever Mondo is using for address lookup doesn’t like the format. For example one transaction contained the address of “Seattle, 981012108, United States”, but this comes up with some ‘middle of USA’ location. I suspect if you detect the ZIP code format (all numeric, either 5/9 characters), and in the 9 char case, hyphenate it, e.g. 98101-2108, this will result in a correct location lookup and save you many many “this location is incorrect” reports! :slight_smile:

Hi @bedfordsean, thanks for the feedback. That’s definitely on the list for future merchant improvements :slight_smile:


the correct format for a long Zip code according to USPS is with a hyphen. Without it is not recognised as a zipcode by some of their systems.

Yes - the hyphenated version is correct. In my experience, this doesn’t appear to be what gets reported back unfortunately; longer ZIP codes on international transactions tend to come through as 9 numbers, no hyphen. That said, some may come through hyphenated too (I’ve not seen this myself)