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thanks you’re right I was

(Frank) #22

Not sure if this is an issue or not at this point but there is no column to determine if the transaction is a debit or credit. So no easy way to filter credits or debits only.

It would also be good to show transaction type. For example: debit card, contactless, direct debit, standing order, internal transfer, personal payment, etc.

Some of these types do not yet exist but will do soon :sunglasses: And having both these columns alllow for richer search/filtering/data.

(Andy) #23

Well credit amounts are a positive transaction amount and categorized mondo so it’s easy to filter credits and top ups. Rest will likely come in time

(Ben ) #24

The export function is only working for me within a category. Not at the top level of all transactions.

(Hugo Cornejo) #25

That’s really strange @benweedon Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:

Would you mind elaborating a bit the flow you’re following? Is this happening using Search or using the Spending tab? Thanks!!

(Ben ) #26


It’s not through the Search function. I didn’t see that until you just
pointed it out. (I wish I’d seen that before!)

I go into Spending and click to top right export button but it doesn’t do

However, if I go into Merchant or Category and then click it, it works.

Hope this helps


(onur) #27

This is what I’ve been waiting since I started using Mond(z)o.

I don’t know how the statement-like PDF is going to be like but the current CSV export deals with spendings and top-ups separately. It would be better to have spendings as “out” and top-ups as “in” and displaying “balance” at each row, so the PDF looks actually like a bank statement.

Something like this…

(Rhys Short) #28

Any idea when the export to PDF will be available? I doubt my mortgage broker will accept a CSV file.

(Ian Bishop-Laggett) #29


I’ve noticed the export includes transactions that failed on the account (lack of funds). Please either leave them out, or add something on the memo.

Kind regards



I would love to see an option to export a PDF directly to OneDrive.

(Philip) #32

I don’t see this on the Android version, is that right?

(Philip) #33

Not seeing the export on the Android side, is it hidden away, or yet another lacking feature on Monzo Android? This post is 9 months ago, so I hope it’s simply hidden away.

(Alex Sherwood) #34

The Android team have prioritised other features first (& preparing the app for the launch of the current accounts) so the export option hasn’t been added for Android yet.

Since it’s built into the search feature for iOS, I’d hope that you’ll have it within the next couple of iterations of search on Android which is on the roadmap here.

Edit - I’ve moved your other post here too, to avoid 2 people answering the same question in different places…


Another feature missing on android probably wont be around anytime soon either as the current accounts will most likely be priority for next 6/7 months by the looks of it

(Thomas Radosh) #36

For me the most important is ability to include receipts as it’s great we can add those to expenses but why would we in the first place if we can’t export them?


I think we have to accept that Monzo’s priority as a business is getting current accounts operational. I support this strategy, but find it unfortunate that for historical reasons Android users do not have the same exporting capabilities as do IOS users.
Exporting (if only for record keeping, never mind reporting to an employer) is a vital part of a bank account. Until I can do this I will not use my Monzo account anywhere near as extensively as I could.
A loss to me and a loss to Monzo.


Can’t you just quickly add a quick and dirty .csv/.ofx export option in a menu somewhere. With ‘custom range’, or ‘all’ as bounds? Should be relatively simple, and yep I’m in same boat of needing to get this data out desperately as app is actually less useful than my standard bank card without it!

(Jonathon Bishop) #39

Some form of downloadable formatted file such as OFX, QIF, CSV, would be really helpful for those who keep a record of spend.


I think it’s imminent, Jonathon, see this thread:

(Jonathon Bishop) #41

Great thanks. That will be very helpful.