Expenses and exact date

I travel a lot with work and use my monzo account to accrue all this cost! The issue is when I come to supply expenses, my work happily accepts screen shots of monzo expenses however I need a recorded date and monzo uses “friendly language” I.e today or yesterday… only after two days do I have the exact date of expenditure

This basically means I have two days until I can screen shot the expense to submit it with proof of expense date.

I’m not suggesting changing the human language however when a particular cost is flagged as expense please show it as the exact date as the sooner we submit it as an expense the sooner we can get our money back

You can export a bank statement as a PDF, which will show dates in a standard format. Would this work for you?


Could you not send them a pdf of expenses?

Edit: Oh, snap hah

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Your right this would give me an instant date and time but also my entire month… which I would then need to black out everything not relevant!

If I could get an individual statement per transaction that would work however that strikes me as far more work then simply alternating the language used when you tag something as expense

True! What are you taking screenshots of at the moment, the detail screens for each transaction?

I can’t think of a better way. Personally I think I’d go down the road of redacting a PDF statement, but doing so properly without something expensive like PDFpen or Foxit Reader is difficult.

I have a solution
1)Export the statement as a CSV file.
2)Stick in excel(it should automatically open in Excel)
1)select all the data
2)Filter by In this case expenses
3)Excel with do the rest
I’ve attached a link to my gdrive with screenshots if you would like to see how to do it

Appreciate the advise all!

Excel would work and that’s a great idea for multiple line items to go into 1 expense, although I might be a tad worried that it could look like I just made it up (or just changed the numbers manually in excel)

Normally I just do the mini summary of each transaction within the app, just a shame tagging with expense doesn’t give me a time stamp

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