Research Study Help: What's next for Monzo?

(James Whittaker) #1

Hi everyone,

Hope you don’t mind me asking and I hope this is the right section, but i’ve just started a research study into Fintechs and Monzo specifically, my task is to justify and evaluate why for example Monzo could expand internationally? For example EU accounts, where would be the next logical stop for them? Any help would be great and let me know if this is in the wrong section/ shouldn’t be uploaded etc.


(Simon B) #2

Hi James!

We’re looking at expanding to Ireland and USA as our next two territories - does that help at all?

Ireland makes sense due to proximity - the USA makes sense as they speak the same language and the culture is similar :slight_smile:

(James Whittaker) #3


Thank you for your quick response, i’m also looking at the situation hypothetically so looking at factors like disposable income, culture (like you mentioned), economic climate, population/ millenials, are these the kind of things Monzo would look at when looking to expand internationally?


(James Whittaker) #4

As I look through the Monzo Community i’ve learnt how Monzo target everyone not just ‘millenials’ so with that said, what are the factors that Monzo might take into account when looking to expand internationally?